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What “chain” dog training service is best?

Question by Linds08: What “chain” dog training service is best?
My husband and I got a Bichon / Toy Poodle mix and would like to get her some training. There are a couple businesses that are offered in the U.S. like & Does anyone have any information/reviews/suggestion if these places are worth the money? They are a little costly! Or if you have any suggestion of services they would be greatlu appreciated! We live in Southeast Michigan. Thanks in advance!

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Answer by Read More Books!
That really can’t be answered. Every trainer is different no matter what company their from. Do your research and find a trainer that works best for you and your dog…good luck!

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Halo Spot’s Stew Natural Dry Dog Food, Adult Dog, Wild Salmon Recipe, 4-Pound Bag

Halo Spot’s Stew Natural Dry Dog Food, Adult Dog, Wild Salmon Recipe, 4-Pound Bag

  • Never contains corn, wheat or wheat gluten
  • Never contains rendered meat, poultry or fish, animal or plant meals
  • Always created with your pet¿s entire well-being in mind

The First Dry Food Worthy of Being Called SPOT’S STEW! Our holistic approach to dog care is based on treating the “whole animal,” using pure, natural ingredients in optimum formulation to stimulate the body’s ability to heal and maintain itself. The result is a happier, healthier dog — inside and out. Our commitment to using only the highest quality ingredients in our dog food has never wavered. We guarantee you will see a difference in your dog’s health when you use our products.

List Price: $ 11.99

Price: $ 10.40

Question by Sir Hoochalot: Do the results of “dog breed selectors” actually match what breed(s) you have?
The Animal Planet one is a good one. Do you results match what breed(s) you actually have?

Mine don’t. Greyhound, Golden Retriever and Wheaten Terriers are the ones that usually come up in my results but I have a Staffy cross (though I’ve always loved Goldens). One test actually told me bully breeds were the breeds I should avoid. Me and my boy do ok together so I guess it proves such tests are too simplistic not be relied on completely, certainly not over real research. Great as a guide, but I don’t think you should base your choice on what breed to get on one of these tests fully. They were wrong about me.
KellyO, that’s basically what I have just said. Did I not say in my question that those tests are not to be relied upon? I just want to know whether people have the breeds that, according to the test, they’re supposed to have.
It seems to me people are not reading the whole question here.

Best answer:

Answer by KellyO
The breed selecter is just a general guideline. It gives you an idea of what may suit you based on the information you put in. If you live in an apartment and have a sedentary life style, but love Golden Retreivers, the program won’t pick that up.

It’s a good place to start, but nothing replaces doing your own research – or even asking questions here on Yahoo.

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Folic Acid/Fish Oil Vitamins Good For My Dog?

Question by smile!: Folic Acid/Fish Oil Vitamins Good For My Dog?
I have a little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Roxy and as I was taking my vitamins this evening, I dropped my fish oil and folic acid vitamins on the floor and Roxy gobbled them right up, and that is when a light bulb turned on in my head!

Would it be safe for her to have these vitamins in human doses?
Maybe half a pill every day? I want her coat to look and feel great. She doesn’t have any health problems. What are some other good vitamins would you recommend?

Oh and I don’t want people to get shitty about how I am “giving her PEOPLE vitamins”
The last time I checked, folic acid IS folic acid, whether or not it is put in dog vitamins or if you got it from walmart for yourself. I don’t feel like spending 25 bucks on a month supply of vitamins for my dog.

Thanks! ^_^

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Answer by oekaki2003
Don’t give your human vitamins to dogs. In high doses, a vitamin becomes a poison. They make special vitamins for dogs in different dosages than the amount taken by humans. Your veterinarian will sell you some if you talk to him/her. Fish oil and vitamin E are common supplements given to dogs to improve the quality of their coat. My mom feeds eggs occasionally to her dogs, too, because she swears it makes their fur shinier.

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Find A New Friend At Dog Rehoming Centres Near You

Find A New Friend At Dog Rehoming Centres Near You

Before making a trip to your local dog breeder, you should consider looking at some dog rehoming centres (rescue centers) in your area, so you can give your love to a dog who may desperately need someone to rescue them.

While rescued dogs have a reputation for being wild, or somehow damaged, they are anything but. You could consider it similar to adopting a child, rather than bringing a new one into the world. Animals from dog rehoming centers are already here and need someone to feed, exercise and love them.

Most cities will have several government funded and private dog rehoming centres available, where you can go and have your choice of several different breeds, sizes and ages. Anyone who might fear that an older dog will have bad habits, or be unable to train, shouldn’t worry as dogs of all ages are amazing at adapting to new environments and owners.

All most of these creatures need is a little love and a family — like most humans do. There will be a mixture of backgrounds found in rescue centers: Some dog will have been abused and removed from their abuser, others may have strayed too far from home and their owners not located, etc.

Rescued dogs from dog rehoming centres can typically be viewed online, so you can make your choice before going. This can be helpful to some people, as having thousands of needy eyes staring at you while making a choice in person can be heartbreaking. Many rehoming centers will cover the cost of necessary shots the dog may need, as well as have access to dog insurance for older animals, so you can be sure you and the dog are covered, if any health problems surface down the road.

There are few reasons not to use a rehoming center, so get down to one today and make your choice.

Find out more on dog rehoming centres and read many interesting articles on pet health care.

Question by The Horse Source – R.I.P Rylie: Would I be qualified enough to get a job at a vet’s office?
So I want to get some experience for when I apply to vet school, and I was wondering, would I be qualified to get a job at a vet’s office? Like cleaning cages, doing paperwork, weighing animals, etc. Here is what I got under my belt:

I’ve grew up with dogs my whole life
I’ve ridden horses for nearly two years now
I’ve delivered a breech puppy for my dog before
A horse once spooked with me on her, and I calmed her down all on my own

That’s all I can think of for right now, but I have an “animal journal” I keep to make sure I have all the credentials for vet school written down.

Could I get a job at one? If I can’t get a job, do you think they’d except me volunteering?

I’m not in it for the money, I’m more just wanting the experience. If vets always want volunteers and/or teenagers to do that it’s really good news for me :)
Like I said, I don’t really care about the money, I just want the experience for vet school.
That’s great news for me! Believe me, I have no record at all :)

Being a vet is just my dream, and I’m thinking that this sort of thing will really help me out!

Best answer:

Answer by Elizabeth B
Vets always look for teenagers to do the cages, etc., especially for boarding dogs on nights and weekends. They usually pay around minimum wage. My sister is a vet so I know this for sure.

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Nice “types Of Dog” photos

A few nice types of dog images I found:

Some type of dog or another?

Image by Matthew Boyle
Strictly speaking these guys were working for Swiss tourism, and I think the idea was that you pay for them to pose for you. I figured that that only applied to people who didn’t have a 300mm equivalent zoom!

what type of dog has a tail like this??

Image by jason tinder

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