Question by imissrascal: Dog food recall…so confused!?
Is dry food now contaminated as well? I feed my dogd Purina (Indoor Formula) dry food. Today I bought a homemade dog food “cookbook” at Barnes and Noble. I have decided to cook them “people food” of course with all of the proper ingredients from the book. It seems so time consuming… but I do not want them to get poisened from dry food. I also read it is much better for them. What do you think? What dry food is acceptable for them to eat right now? It seems everyday a new food is added and I heard some dry food is now on the list. It scared the heck out of me. What do you suggest…what are you feeding your dogs? Thanks!

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Answer by Holly
The only thing that was contaminated was wet food. Do not worry about the dry food because it does not have the same ingredients. I’ve always recommended Nutro. It is an awesome brand that helps with multiple different things. Even though it seems that wet food would be better, dry food is just as good. It is all preference. If you want to give your dog a yummy meal, you can always add the Iams Gravy to the dry food.

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