Question by bells *Ignorance is Bliss*: Dog “adoption” question?
ADD: “tread lightly”…apparently I cant spell today
I’m going to treat lightly with this question…

I just want to hear different opinions!

We have overcrowded shelters…tons of dogs, including puppies that are seemingly healthy, get euthanized daily.

Based on several questions posted today, I need some clarification.
People rescue dogs who have MAJOR problems. They are malnutritioned, sick, pregnant, have behavioral issues. Then they wave their little “martyr” cards in the air and expect everyone to bow down and give them awards for their big hearts and selfless acts.

Why would you do that? If I made a decision to get a dog out of a shelter…I will get the healthiest looking puppy (from my perspective) possible. Why get the sickest mutt out of there and torture the dog and yourself ?
@TJ…so many people use “adoption”, I guess it sticks in your head. I agree that dogs are bought, whether from the SPCA or a breeder.

Best answer:

Answer by Pack Leader- Save a life
I agree. I rescue strays and dogs that need help but I foster them till they get better and find them loving homes. When I get a dog for myself it is either going to be from a rep. breeder or a very healthy looking dog from the shelter.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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