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Dogging & Blogging go hand in hand

Dogging & Blogging go hand in hand

Dogging & Blogging these days they go hand in hand why? well its long been known that doggers struggle to find good dogging locations and this has been the case down to over use of present ones and unfortunately unlike others types of meeting places once too many people start to find out that doggers meet you also get the idiots turn up and ruin things

what started life as a good private meeting place for horny couples into a playground for idiots and people that think they can turn up and steam into sex with couples with no consideration of what they may well want 

Everyone knows Its common knowledge that British adults or at least adults in the UK indulge in dogging more than any other worldwide adults in fact all you need do is looking at some of the best dogging DVDs going around ad the common theme you will find is that all the best ones come from UK !!

why,because we dog more than anyone else and lets be honest when it comes to horny girls the British always win hands down !!!

But why has UK dogging & blogging taken off so well, well the reason is simple UK couples that dog like to tell others and unless you are part of a large group of friends all with similar interest this is going to be hard to do, so the next thing you have to find is an outlet where you can let the world know about your best dogging locations, or the couples and indeed single males you’ve meet up with and where better than the good old old world wide web and the blogging websites offer that opportunity

Although you still want to make sure this is kept just a select groups and this is where swingers website with private members only blogging sections can be used to the best effect not only offering couples the chance to post locations, but also photos details of meets and even if the police are patrolling a location, after all knowing its only members that can view does means its pretty secure

The problem is those adult that don’t like using the internet ( although these are few between now ) have in the past used word of month to find dogging information and its this word of month that has in the past caused so many problems.

After all how many times has information been passed around that information getting more and more twisted with each tail!!! and this type of information really rapidly becomes more hit than miss and quite often the information about the dogging spot is outdated and probably never used

With online dogging information and more so blogs sites this constantly updated information can’t happen as the members will post the information almost as soon as they hear about it adding new dogging spots and maybe even problems after all its does benefit the dogging community if we keep only updated and current information.

So if your looking to find doggers don’t just leave to to chance join a swingers website that offers a private blog and start telling others

Tigger was been a webmaster & swinger for some years, so entering into swingers websites was an easy disicion and soon partnered with the largest swinging members website online that has a dedicated swingers blogs featuring swingers stories and information.

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Question by lexi m: “No Kill Shelters” and dogs waiting for years?
There is a very nice “no kill shelter” by me that currently has some ugly and unpopular dogs. One is a 13 year old black lab mix that has been there for 3 years since he was 10 years old. Nobody wants him. And their roster is filling with dogs who look like Heinz 57 mutts (that is no recognizable breed mix) and they are staying for a long time, too. So the turn-over at the shelter is going way down.

I know it would be nice to care for every dog in America for the duration of its life no matter if it is considered unpopular…

But what do you think of that?

Is it wasteful, wonderful or what?

Best answer:

Answer by KHAYOS
I think it’s good. I don’t know about all no-kill shelters, but the one i olunteer at and donate to is awesome. A lot of their cats and dogs have been there for a while but they’re happy and loved. Sure, other more adoptabl dogs could be there instead. But that woul mean these dogs would be dead.

“While saving the life of one animal will not change the world, it will change the world for that one animal. ”

That’s what I live by. I can’t save them all, but if I can save one, that’ll make me happy.

What do you think? Answer below!

Question by gram28ed: How to resolve “seperation anxiety” or dog wanting constant attention?
I have a 13 year old female English Setter that always wants to be with me no matter what I may be doing. Have tried “Reconcile” aka Prozac without much success. The problems this causes does not have to be stated here for anyone that has had this experience. Would appreciate any advice.


Best answer:

Answer by NatureChick
try this link for separation anxiety:

What do you think? Answer below!

Question by Jennifer: Anyone have any experience with a “fear biting” dog?
I adopted a 10 month old hound mix from the shelter 3 months ago. For awhile, she was a perfectly sweet, loving dog. We had absolutely no problems with her. Over the last few weeks, however, she has begun to be very fearful of everything. When people try to pet her, she cowers down as though they’re going to hit her, then she’ll jump and nip at them. If they’re leaning down, which they have to be because she’s a small dog, she’ll almost always go for the face. She’ll nip at your hands if you’re walking around in the yard with her. She just seems so anxious and nervous all the time. If I didnt’ know better, I’d say she was neurotic. I’ve tried correcting the behavior every way I know how (except for hitting or electronic collars, because I do not believe hurting a dog is ever the answer in training or discipline).

Anybody have any experience with similar dogs? And please, no “this is YOUR fault” stuff, because it’s not like I’m sitting by and letting this happen.
It just seems that every time I try to correct her, it only makes her even more nervous, which intensifies the nipping. It’s gotten to the point now where I can’t even let my children play with her, because she nipped my daughter’s cheek last week, and I’m so afraid she’s going to end up really hurting someone.
It’s not just when people lean over. She nipped at the vet during her checkup the other day, and the vet said we “need to watch this behavior”. She’ll also bite at people’s faces when they’re stooping or squatting down to her. She’s not particular about who she nips. She’ll nip anybody who comes close to her, including me, and I’m the one who has the most contact with her.

I noticed that this behavior started after she was spayed, but I don’t know if that has anything to do with it. Since she’s lived with us, no one has struck her or yelled at her or anything like that. My kids are noisy, but that’s not going to change anytime soon. They’re 6 and 9, and noise comes with the territory when you have kids. What scares me the most is the fact that she bit my daughter’s face, and left a bruise. She’s never broken the skin, but I’m afraid it’s only a matter of time unless we can get a handle on this.
Oh, she’s with me at least 10 hours per day. She’s mostly an inside dog, except with she goes out to potty or for a little playtime in the back yard. If I have to go anywhere, she is crated, or she comes with me. I don’t know what the problem is. Could it be hormonal? She doesn’t seem to be in pain. I clean her ears regularly, and for some reason, that doesn’t seem to bother her. She just had a checkup last week, and she had no parasites or anything.

Best answer:

Answer by Spongebob
it is your falt

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

Use These Simple Guidelines to Choose the Best All Natural Dog Foods

Use These Simple Guidelines to Choose the Best All Natural Dog Foods

Because dog foods are bought by people, dog food suppliers market to the ideas dog owners have about their dogs likes. This explains why dog foods come in different shapes and colors, with or without gravy, dry or moist, etc. Dogs do not need any of these things for the best all natural dog foods. Isn’t it interesting that pet owners spend around billion annually for pet food which the majority of these dog foods are not all natural dog foods that give your dog optimum health.

Consumers Digest reported several years ago, “Few foods are so liberally laced with artificial flavors as pet foods” they also quoted sources that basically said that the only way they can get pets to eat the poor quality food is by adding phony flavors.

Would you choose artificial, poor quality for ingredients in your dog foods or would you rather choose dog foods that are all natural dog foods for your dog?

A carnivore’s system is designed to eat raw meat, one animal at a time. Your dog should digest its meal and be eliminated before any putrefaction begins. A dog’s digestive system is highly acidic, or at least it should be. Only raw meat stimulates a highly acidic system that is designed to kill unfriendly bacteria.

Ingredients in the Best All Natural Dog Foods

You will find the best all natural dog foods consist of approximately 75% organic, all natural raw meat. This can consist of beef, whole chicken or turkey wings, necks and backs as long as they are raw and fresh. When bones are old or cooked they become brittle and splinter.

The best all natural dog foods are also around 25% vegetables. This does not mean give your dog a whole, raw carrot. In the wild your dog would get these vegetable requirements from the predigested vegetables in the animal’s stomach and intestines. You can add organic vegetables to your all natural dog foods by grating them, chopping finely (like what you would find in a rabbit’s stomach) or run through a blender, food chopper or food processor.

In the wild a dog would get the water they needed from their prey, so the all natural dog foods you give your dog should be the consistency of a thick stew. The moisture content of dog foods also has an effect on maintaining healthy kidneys and bladder in your dog. Many pet owners report their dog cutting down on water consumption when being fed these types of all natural dog foods.

Most of the minerals must come in the form of supplementation today. Calcium is very important in the best all natural dog foods. Bone meal is not an acceptable source of calcium for your all natural dog foods because bones store toxins and heavy metals like lead or even mad cow disease. The other reason is the calcium to phosphorous ratio. Pets need a 2:1 ratio between calcium and phosphorus. That is, for every 2 parts of calcium in the food, there should be 1 part phosphorus. As an example, if the food contains 2 grams of calcium, the food should contain 1 gram of phosphorus. Meat is naturally low in calcium and high in phosphorus. Bone meal is not only a source of calcium, but bone meal is also a source of phosphorus, so using bone meal reverses the 2:1 ratio so that perhaps your dog’s body has a 1:3 ratio or 1 part calcium to 3 parts phosphorus. This imbalance could cause your dog health problems.

Finely ground raw egg shells are the best choice for calcium supplementation in the best all natural dog foods. They contain virtually no phosphorus and are extremely high in calcium plus they are affordable and lightweight. The best all natural dog foods will use approximately 1 tsp. finely ground raw egg shells or about 8 large eggs for every pound of meat. Raw eggs are an excellent source of meat and affordable.
Digestive enzyme supplementation are also a good ingredient in the best all natural dog foods. The four most commonly used enzymes in the best all natural dog foods are amylase that helps with the digestion of carbohydrates, protease which helps with the digestion of protein, lipase that helps with the digestion of fats and cellulase for the digestion of vegetables.

Nutritive herbs provide a blend of vital nutrients that are essential in the best all natural dog foods. Alfalfa which is an Arabic word meaning “mother of all foods, dandelion leaf, nettle, and kelp are ingredients in the best all natural dog foods. These herbs can be found in various green food powder supplements from health food stores.

The combination of these herbs in the best all natural dog foods provide such nutrients as biotin, bioflavanoids, calcium, magnesium, folic acid, iodine, iron, potassium, linolenic acid, niacin, potash, sulfur, zinc, vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C and E. These herbs also aid in the assimilation of protein, fats and carbohydrates plus are an excellent blood purifier. They also aid the body to help detoxify the liver, clean the colon and keep the thyroid working.

Using these simple guidelines you can choose which are the best all natural dog foods to buy or how to make the best all natural dog foods available so your dog can enjoy optimum health.

Sherrie Chastain Health and Beauty Consultant Best All Natural Dog Foods Helping People Find Health and Happiness in their Lives for 25 years

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