Dogging & Blogging go hand in hand

Dogging & Blogging these days they go hand in hand why? well its long been known that doggers struggle to find good dogging locations and this has been the case down to over use of present ones and unfortunately unlike others types of meeting places once too many people start to find out that doggers meet you also get the idiots turn up and ruin things

what started life as a good private meeting place for horny couples into a playground for idiots and people that think they can turn up and steam into sex with couples with no consideration of what they may well want 

Everyone knows Its common knowledge that British adults or at least adults in the UK indulge in dogging more than any other worldwide adults in fact all you need do is looking at some of the best dogging DVDs going around ad the common theme you will find is that all the best ones come from UK !!

why,because we dog more than anyone else and lets be honest when it comes to horny girls the British always win hands down !!!

But why has UK dogging & blogging taken off so well, well the reason is simple UK couples that dog like to tell others and unless you are part of a large group of friends all with similar interest this is going to be hard to do, so the next thing you have to find is an outlet where you can let the world know about your best dogging locations, or the couples and indeed single males you’ve meet up with and where better than the good old old world wide web and the blogging websites offer that opportunity

Although you still want to make sure this is kept just a select groups and this is where swingers website with private members only blogging sections can be used to the best effect not only offering couples the chance to post locations, but also photos details of meets and even if the police are patrolling a location, after all knowing its only members that can view does means its pretty secure

The problem is those adult that don’t like using the internet ( although these are few between now ) have in the past used word of month to find dogging information and its this word of month that has in the past caused so many problems.

After all how many times has information been passed around that information getting more and more twisted with each tail!!! and this type of information really rapidly becomes more hit than miss and quite often the information about the dogging spot is outdated and probably never used

With online dogging information and more so blogs sites this constantly updated information can’t happen as the members will post the information almost as soon as they hear about it adding new dogging spots and maybe even problems after all its does benefit the dogging community if we keep only updated and current information.

So if your looking to find doggers don’t just leave to to chance join a swingers website that offers a private blog and start telling others

Tigger was been a webmaster & swinger for some years, so entering into swingers websites was an easy disicion and soon partnered with the largest swinging members website online that has a dedicated swingers blogs featuring swingers stories and information.

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