Animal Shower Curtain Top 10 Patterns

Animals provide a nice theme for shower curtains. They can be in the form of accurate pictures of the animals or as cartoon images. Another favorite is to use animal skin patterns, for example based on the zebra or giraffe. Nautical themes using fish and shells are good because they work on the water theme of showering.


Dogs: there are individual dogs or varieties of dogs covering the whole of the curtain. There are even ones with bones to go with the dogs. Cartoon dog characters are also very nice. Zebra: the popular ones are zebra stripes. There are other animal skin pattern effect shower curtains such as Cheetah and leopard spot prints. Cat and Mouse: This one is a custom design showing a black cat hunting a black mouse. The cat is positioned at the bottom of the curtain looking up at the mouse climbing up towards the top. A very amusing design. There are many other cat based versions often with amusing cartoon designs. Frogs: these ones tend to be cartoon drawn frogs leaping around and jumping off lily pads. There are even ones with them playing leap frog. Ducks: Again the cartoon style ducks are the most popular but rubber duck. images are also a favorite, which is not surprising considering their use in bathing. Butterflies: are very colorful so it is not surprising that they are a popular choice for shower curtains. Some are on a clear background which makes them look like they are flying around you. Dolphins: this is my favorite, with them jumping and diving back into the water. There is also a rather nice one with them swimming through the water next to coral and other sea creatures. This is like being in a large fish tank with them. Flamingo: you can get multiple images of flamingos on a white background or my favorite: a pair of flamingos with a beach and palm tree background. Horses: there are some very nice wild horse pictures on country backgrounds. These are more like large paintings and would look fabulous in your bathroom. Bears: polar bears and brown bears are the usual ones but teddy bears are used in other designs and these of course will appeal to children.


There are a vast range of animals that can be found on shower curtains. The best way to decide the sort of thing that you are searching for is to look at some images of animal shower curtain designs.

There are lots of shower curtain ideas and pictures on Timo Vincent’s web site. You are sure to find something that suits your inner self and make your bathroom an inspiring placeAnimal Shower Curtain

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