Dog Training Classes ? Are They Suitable For All Dogs?

Although helpful for many dogs, training classes are not suitable for all dogs, and not all dogs would benefit from attending them. Classes vary considerably. Consult other dog owners, then ring up and have a chat with a recommended instructor. If you like the sound of it, ask if you can go along and watch, without your dog.

Consider the following:

• Are the dogs enjoying themselves?

• And the owners?

• And the instructor?

• Are the dogs learning what they should learn? For example, some classes encourage dogs to run free together. Whilst many dogs and owners enjoy this, there is a high chance of dogs learning to play roughly or even to fight.

• Is the class small enough for people to be able to get individual attention when needed?

• Is the class reasonably quiet? Some noise is inevitable, but if there is a lot of barking and shouting, it may not be the best place for your dog to learn good manners.

• What are they teaching? If you own a pet dog, you need a class that is teaching exercises relevant to real life.

• Is it the type of class that you feel would benefit you and your dog?

If you feel happy with the class you have seen, enrol your dog for the next available course. Be prepared to travel to your class as the nearest club may not be the best one.

Different types of classes that may be on offer:

Puppy classes These are for young puppies, up to the age of approximately l6—18 weeks. Find a good class and book early. A good puppy class is of great benefit to most puppies and owners. Classes should be specifically for puppies. Small groups are important as puppies learn quickly and can pick up unwanted habits rapidly.

Pet-dog classes If you own a pet dog, look for a class that teaches exercises you will find relevant, as well as helping to develop your understanding of your dog. These classes are not the place to go if you have a problem with your dog’s behaviour. They are not reform schools for difficult dogs but are more like a finishing school for dogs who have reached a certain standard and need to learn more, Classes should include basic manners, socialising and understanding your dog as well as learning to respond to your commands.

Specialist Classes These will include obedience classes, agility and ringcraft. They are great if you want to learn more about that area of competition but may not be so relevant to normal life with your pet dog. Once you have achieved a certain standard, these could be something to try.

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