Dog Training Schools – What Most of Them Don’t Tell you

Dog training schools can be very beneficial for both the pet and the owner. The common conception about these schools is that they train your dog to behave better. Actually, this is not the whole story. What dog training schools aim to do (at least the good ones) is teach the owners how to properly handle their dogs.

Think of it this way — do you think there is a way to train a dog to be obedient in a short time that would cause them to be obedient forever? Behavior modification requires constant reinforcement to be done over an extended period of time. This means that after your dog has graduated from school, you will be required to continue the training.

Many people who use training schools for their dogs are wishing for a magic bullet, but they just won’t get it. In fact, the owners who attend the classes with their pets have a higher success rate of actually making the training stick afterwards than those who just simply send their dogs off to training school.

For example, a reward system to reinforce good behavior is used by every reputable school in existence. Some schools may reward a dog with a treat, while others may do so with a sign of affection or a mixture of both. It is important that you stick with the same type of positive reinforcement after the dog has been trained. Otherwise, if you change the reward you give for positive reinforcement you can confuse the dog and make their behavior inconsistent.

The same goes for negative reinforcement as well. It is important to be consistent with how the dog has been trained to be punished after they have completed their training. Usually punishments are simple, like an authoritative no or a simple tug on the collar.

Finally, it is important to take the time to research your options when it comes to dog training schools before you sign up for one. Just like anything, there are good schools and there are bad schools Make sure that you go with a top-notch school. Make sure the school matches your own beliefs about how a dog should be trained.

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