Question by yuon: i have a bad experience with a company that sell dog potty “pad”), do you?
I’m a dog owner who try to find a good solution for my poodle to potty indoor whenever i ain’t home, after searching i decided to purchase this product through((——> basically a DIY turf kit. After 4 days of my money has been taken out, I was totally expect my package will be at my doorstep any second, but since I never got a email with any tracking number, I have contacted this company for many times. Phone calls and email to hope they will give me an answer of whats going on. A WEEK or so after these countless contact, this company’s so call “sale manager” reply me and began to give me attitude telling me how busy they are and tell me after this 10ish day, they still didn’t ship out my kit plus start telling me how on the site said they can take up to 20 days to actually ship it out. Since it’s my fault that I miss their policy, I have decide to wait. As of today is the 25th day, I still have not receive anything such as an email(and of course I have tried to contact them again). Bottom line is

My Money + countless times of contact = No nothing

I don’t think I deserve to be treated like this(with my money taken away when they dont have the product in stock plus the horrible attitude) and I wanna see if anyone out there have the same encounter from this company.
“Dany” : Don’t judge me of telling me how I shouldn’t own a dog, just because I said I want to have an indoor potty spot for my dog. Doesn’t mean my dog hardly see the outside world.I believe dog is like people, you shouldn’t limit the amount on how many time or when they can own do their business. Just think of yourself be force by someone to go to the bathroom 10 times per day, that doesn’t mean you can actually “go” every single time when you are in the bathroom. On top of that, I always let them out, the indoor potty just comes in handle during the night or when i went to the store. Since you let you dog outside so much, I guess you let your dog live, sleep and eat outside too and that’s just my opinion.

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Answer by victormins
You can file a claim with your credit card company to try and get the charge taken off.

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