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Question by Patricia S: Has anyone used the potty patch or any other indoor product for dogs to use?
My husband is facing knee replacement surgery..We love to walk our dogs, but where we live it is quite icy at certain times and there is no “doggy park”. We are wondering if this indoor method of going “potty” might help during his recovery and on the days we can’t walk our dogs. We hate to make an investment if it doesn’t work. Thanks for any input.

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Answer by Alesi’s Chi’s
You should really consider walking your dogs yourself while your husband recovers. Once you teach your dogs to go inside, it will be like training a puppy all over again

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Question by ♥IHaveAWand♥: If I Adopt A Dog, Will It Be More Aggressive?
I want a pug. I did my research and they are quite friendly but since most of the “for adoption” dogs have been either abused or abandoned, i don’t want it to feel scared all of the time. So will they? And if it does, will it recover from being scared more quickly?

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Answer by apbt_blue
… you should not see as all shelter dogs having been through abuse. Most are extremely sweet, and if the shelter saw that no one may want to adopt them they would be euthanize.

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The Health Master Plan for Your Best Friend: How to Keep Your Dog Happy and in Great Health

The Health Master Plan for Your Best Friend: How to Keep Your Dog Happy and in Great Health

Inside The Health Master Plan for Your Best Friend: How to Keep Your Dog Happy and in Great Health, you will discover:

–Understanding ingredients

–Dogs need different diets at different ages

–Vitamin and mineral supplements

–Boredom and variety

–Cost of feeds

–Dry Vs Canned food

–Home made diets

–Food allergies

–How much should I feed my dog?

–How often should I feed my dog?

–Signs of Ill health

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Dog Doors: Why You Must Have it For Your Lovely Dog?

Dog Doors: Why You Must Have it For Your Lovely Dog?

A dog door, also known as pet door or doggies door is a small door mounted into the lower part of a wall or a door which allows for entry and exit of your pets without anyone letting them do so. It can be fitted right to the door. It has a hinged cover which moves backward when the dog goes in and sways back after. These dog doors are found to be convenient to many pet owners because these doors allow their pets to go in and out of their houses as they please. This reduces the destructive behavior of their pets such as scratching the walls, clawing and running around the house. Dog doors not only provide your dogs freedom but they also provide you with destruction-free dinners and evenings. However, you must remember that just because you have a dog door does not mean you do not need to exercise your pets. Dog doors are not replacement for walking your dog or pets.

There are various types of dog doors depending on your type of pet, the level of security provided, colors and frame types. You just have to choose which!

Dog door with dual flaps are known to be resistant to extreme weathers. The flaps are usually made of plastic and are rigid. It is also resistant to punctures and tears. It is durable and appealing to the eyes. Pet door panels which have single flaps are made of polycarbonate. It slides and locks on automatically providing security. It is dark tainted preventing the door and floor coverings from sun damage. Extreme weather dog door is a three-flap system pet door which is highly efficient. It is said that this seals off unwanted weather conditions outside. The flaps are housed in thick acrylic frame.

Plastic dog doors which frames are made of thick acrylic can withstand the toughest condition outside. It is said to be tough on bad weathers and easy on our pets! There are also the cheaper plastic dog doors but are not recommended for large and rowdy pets. Usually, these dog doors are made carefully so that they do not harm or injure or trap the pets. They also make use of soft vinyl materials.

While you may or may not want to invest on your dog doors that allow you to lock the door to one direction or the other, you definitely will want to get one of the dog doors that can be latched closed. Dog doors with latches are good if you are able to restrict your dogs’ movements. However, if your dog is too large or too boisterous, then it is better recommended to get a dog door. Also, while dog doors are helpful to big dogs, it can also do the same to smaller ones – you just have to pick the right door for your pet.

With the wide range of availability of dog doors, you will be able to get your pet the door that suits them while not compromising your finances!

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HARMONY FARMS Healthy & Holistic Chicken & Brown Rice Adult Dog Food, 17.5-Pound Bag

  • 17.5-pound bag
  • Chicken and brown rice recipe
  • Healthy and holistic
  • Naturally healthy; no corn, wheat or soy

When it comes to providing your dog with the best nutrition possible, nothing is better than natural. Harmony Farms Natural dog food contains only the finest natural ingredients. • High Quality Protein—Always the 1st ingredient
Natural chicken, fish, turkey, lamb, beef or venison • Wholesome Whole Grains
Brown rice, barley and oats • Healthy Garden Veggies
Carrots, peas and sweet potatoes • Nutritious Fruit
Delicious apples, antioxidant-rich blueberries and cranberries While th

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