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“Potty Training” an Outside dog?

Question by Jim: “Potty Training” an Outside dog?
I have two Male Bull Terriers, they just got home yesterday ad they have been doing very well. They are eight week old brothers. They are really healthy, really active and playful. I check on them every half hour or so and everything is going great.

One of the things I would like to try and get started on at this early age is Potty Training. Now, they live outside, there is a grassed area and two floored areas where they are to roam. Any suggestions on Potty Training two puppies outside? I think it is going to be a little more difficult to achieve than regular housebreaking?

I was hoping to getting them to do on newspaper, it’s easier to clean up that way.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! =)

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Answer by Emily
Outside dog=backyard lawn ornament=unhealthy=undersocialized=bored=

digging up yard=barking=biting=lawsuit=euthanasia bill.

Please. Don’t let this happen to your dog.

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Question by are you cereal?: Does your dog or cat bring you little “gifts”?
I used to have a cat that would lay birds and other animals at my feet as gifts :)

WOW! I was honored, I even got a rabbit a couple of times! :)

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Answer by Star
Mine used to do that as a sign that they really loved me *sigh* i miss those days but my pets r in a happy place now bc they were getting old so we had to put them down bc they were in pain

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Bumper entry for Ambleside Summer Flower Show

Dog Bowl

Image by Tom Olliver
A bird having a feast out of a dog bowl at KL birdpark.

Bumper entry for Ambleside Summer Flower Show
MORE entries than usual came flooding in to Ambleside’s Summer Flower Show and Craft Fair.
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Dog Rescue T-Shirt / Mens White XXL

Dog Rescue T-Shirt / Mens White XXL

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