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Chi-Chi Chihuahua

Chi-Chi Chihuahua

  • Adorable Chi-Chi Chihuahua is adorned with a calico bandana
  • Chi-Chi Walks, Head Nods, Tail Wags and Playfully Pounces
  • Chi-Chi barks
  • For ages 3 and above

Everyone loves the Original Chi-Chi Chihuahua Walking and Barking Dog. Chi-Chi Chihuahua Dog Walks! Chi-Chi Chihuahua Dog Head Nods! Chi-Chi Chihuahua Dog Tail Wags! Chi-Chi Chihuahua Dog Playfully Pounces! Ages 3 years and up.

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List Price: $ 9.99

Price: $ 3.00

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Dog Pregnancy – Signs and Care

Dog Pregnancy – Signs and Care

Being puppy is the cutest stage of a dog, it’s so lovely to see how this little innocent angel moving around, learn to play, eat so well, run around and perform his agilities, and become little cute monster that messes things around. Then we will think about health, petsafe and future. There are still terrible canine over-population problems so it is better to be part of solution rather than to be part of the problem. Responsible owners who want to breed their dogs must pass all required registrations, accreditations, health screening, etc.

A female dog, correctly referred to as a bitch, can only become pregnant if she is bred during her heat cycle. The pregnancy generally lasts about two months or 56 to 69 days from the date of the first breeding, although this period may be slightly shorter or longer. Small breeds may deliver a week earlier while large breeds often deliver later. Over ninety-eight percent of all dogs deliver their puppies without assistance or complications.

For the first three weeks or so of pregnancy, you may not notice any changes in the bitch. Some females will become more demanding for attention, their nipples may enlarge slightly, and some may become hungrier. These are not a guarantee of a pregnancy, but are good signs. Bitches can show the same signs during ‘false pregnancy,’ a hormonal abnormality, which may occur after a bitch has been in heat. Decreased appetite is usually one of the earliest signs that your bitch might be pregnant. Not all females go through this doggie version of “morning sickness”, but a small percentage will eat less during the first few weeks of gestation, usually making up for it later in the pregnancy. Further indication is a sudden decrease in activity, the nipple growth is noticeable, breast material will develop beneath the nipples, which will also increase slightly in preparation for eventual milk production. Behavioral changes such as increase in affectionate behavior or an expressed desire to be left alone. But beware, dont give any vitamin supplements in the first month of her pregnancy, the birth defects will be develop from too much vitamins A, D and calcium, all she need is high quality diet. No vaccinations should take place during pregnancy, they may harm the fetus. Vaccinations are prior to breeding. Always visit the vet to consult for her condition, from approximate 21-25 days, endocrinological tests detects pregnant dog hormone, relaxin. Puppies hearth beat can be detected after 25 days using ECG but its difficult to test their number. X-ray can pick up puppy skeleton from around 49 days and can determine the number of siblings, but X-Ray is not advisable to use because of radiation danger and damage.

In fourth week, the increase in appetite and gaining weight are changes of progress signs of pregnancy, the abdomen will thicken, and gentle examination of the belly will reveal a firm, rather than fat feeling to the area. The bitch should continue to have regular, but not strenuous, exercise to help her maintain her muscle tone and not become overweight. Exercise involves a daily run to make sure all her muscles, including her uterine muscles, are in top condition. She really needs enough sleep on her dog crate, at week 7, its advised to increase her meal about 25% and another 25 % on 8th week. Closer to the delivery date, your bitch will probably start to express her nesting instincts, scratching at the floor or in her bed, and displaying signs of increasing restlessness.

During the first stage of labor the cervix begins to dilate and uterine contractions begin. These contractions are painful and perplexing to the dog. She will appear quite uncomfortable and restless – pacing, shivering and panting. She probably will not eat and she may even vomit. Some dogs whine persistently. Others occupy themselves building a nest. Take her temperature rectally twice a day, the normal dog temperature is about 100.3F – 101.3F. It will normally drop to about 98 degrees Fahrenheit, 8 – 24 hours before the onset of labor and she will refuse to eat or drink anything.

During the second stage of labor uterine contractions begin in force. As this stage progresses the placental water sacks break and a straw-colored fluid is passed. Placentas are expelled after each puppy or sporadically during labor. Pups usually appear every half-hour or so after ten to thirty minutes of forceful straining. As the pups deliver, the mother will lick the puppy clean and bite off the umbilical cord. It is important to let the mother do this, if she will, because through this process she bonds with her puppies and learns to recognize them as her own. The rough licking of the mother stimulates the puppies to breathe and improves their circulation.

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Dog Cancer Survival Guide: Beyond Surgery, Chemotherapy & Radiation Kindle Edition

Dog cancer is the number one killer of dogs. Dr. Demian Dressler, DVM is known around the world as the “Dog Cancer Vet.” Dr. Dressler’s popular blog has helped thousands of dog lovers cope with and survive dog cancer.

This Kindle version of The Dog Cancer Survival Guide contains all the information that is included in the ebook which is sold online.

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Dr. Dressler reveals the “best of breed” conventional medical treatments and

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Starbeams, Dogs and Cancer.

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Question by Show Breeders Sell Better Pups: What dog foods out there are wheat, corn, and soy free?
besides like, Blue Buffalo and Taste of the Wild and such 😀

My question earlier got me thinking. I’d like to have both of my bìtches on the same diet (with Taste of the Wild, it’s high enough protein that I dont need a “puppy food”). Piper is has allergies, so it does need to be free of those three things listed above 😉

Best answer:

Answer by Emilie.
.. Raw?
HAHA I don’t know, I don’t know much about dog food 😉

Give your answer to this question below!

Dog versus Oncor meter installer: hazards of installing

Dog versus Oncor meter installer: hazards of installing
Installers have been bitten by dogs dozens of times.
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How am I supposed to teach my dog “tricks”?

Question by Cory Q: How am I supposed to teach my dog “tricks”?
I have taught my 4 month old labradoodle puppy, that we’ve just gotten a week ago, how to fetch and sit, and I’m trying to figure out a method to teach her to “sit pretty”, lay down (like with her paws straight out in front and her belly flat on the ground), and play dead. Does anyone experienced with training dogs have any methods for me to use??

Best answer:

Answer by boo_boo5001
use treats and keep trying tell her one command she do it give her a treat till she gets it … it takes time but i would only do one command at a time till she get it with no prob then move to a norther one that how i got my now 9 month pup to do things and fetch well all i did was toss her toy she went a got it and i called her back to me and praised her till she got it down now all i have to do is tell her what toy to get and she brings them to me and we have lots of fun time but they need lots of praise when they have done good

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UniverSoul Circus in Houston Aug. 10-15

UniverSoul Circus in Houston Aug. 10-15
The UniverSoul Circus returns to Houston at Butler Stadium, Aug. 10-15.
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TCA: Nat Geo Wild To Roar With ‘Big Cat Week’
Discovery has its “Shark Week” and now National Geographic Wild will launch “Big Cat Week.”
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