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Are Dog Parks a Good Idea?

Are Dog Parks a Good Idea?

Now that the weather is getting nice, everyone wants to get outside to play. Its great for both dogs and dog owners to take advantage of outdoor play, for fun and for exercise. You may be fortunate enough to have a nice fenced in yard for your dogs. If you live in a big city, or live in an apartment, you may think the only way to exercise your pooch is by taking walks. That is no longer your only option. In recent years, dog parks have been popping up all over the country. Just as the name suggests, these are fenced -in areas where dogs can be taken off leash and allowed to run around and play, either with their owner or with other dogs. There are private and public dog parks and some may charge a fee to help pay for maintenance. All dog parks should have a posted list of rules. Important rules include, never leaving your dog unattended, always have voice control over your dog, and do not bring your dog’s favorite toy from home. He will probably not want to share. Also, never bring a female in heat or close to her heat cycle, to a dog park. I am certain I don’t even have to explain this rule. Many provide bags for cleaning up after your dog. This is obviously very important , not just to keep the park clean, but to prevent spreading illness. Some parks have a separate area fenced off for small dogs. If you have a small dog, it will be worth it to find one of these parks. You can imagine the problems that could result from a little dog with a big dog attitude! While dog parks can be a lot of fun for owners and dogs, there can also be problems. Not all dogs are suited for a dog park, and not all owners are aware that their dog isn’t suited for a dog park. Your pup should be well socialized to other dogs from a very early age. Even well behaved dogs can get excited and play too aggressively. Something that is important for dog owners to remember is, if you bring 3 or more dogs together, they will naturally become a pack and only one dog can be the boss. If your pooch doesn’t know his place in your family’s pack, he will not know how to handle being with several other dogs. Even if dogs are used to all the other dogs that come to a park regularly, they may not accept a new dog into their territory. You need to be very vigilant to prevent problems and be prepared to protect your dog from an aggressive dog or dogs. Not every owner has the experience or even the common sense to know what to do if a problem arises. If your pet is the one who is getting too rough or aggressive, immediately leash him and take him out of the park. Some dog owners carry a can of pepper spray in case a fight does break out. Dog parks can be a great place for you and your dog to makes friends. The important thing is to be aware of potential problems and know how to handle any situation that might come up. Whatever you do, get outside and play with your dogs. Article Source:

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Barrons Books Guide to Search and Rescue Dogs Book

Barrons Books Guide to Search and Rescue Dogs Book

  • Full of Information
  • Color Pictures

Search and rescue dogs are invaluable members of certified rescue teams designated to locate accident victims and lost adults and children in wilderness areas and at disaster scenes. This book presents advice and guidance for rescue dog handlers, with information on how dogs scent, and detailed instruction on training of both dogs and their handlers. The author discusses rescue specialties where dogs are a critical resource in specific circumstances that include avalanche rescue, locating drowni

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Question by Liz: What do you think about “crate training” a dog?
I really have been wanting a dog lately. one of the dogs I found on spca said it was housebroken. Then a little further down the description it said it was crate trained. So she doesn’t pee in the house since she is locked up all day? I think its mean to lock a puppy up all day. What do y’all think.

Best answer:

Answer by Nikki T
We crate our dogs as pups for a few reasons – even confined to one room, pups can get into things, or eat things that they shouldn’t, and it was the easiest way to train them.

As they get older, and are able to hold their bladders all day, we stopped crating them.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments! : A hillarious video of dogs all dressed up with no where to go! Very cute dog pictures. Submit your great photos to!

cute dog pictures sorry about bad quality!!!!!
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Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Treatment – Gray – Medium

  • Thundershirt’s gentle, constant pressure can bring calm and focus back to your dog.
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A terrific solution for many types of anxiety including thunder, fireworks, separation, travel, and crate anxieties. And a terrific solution for eliminating “bad leash manners” such as barking, pulling or reactivity towards other animals and people. Thundershirt’s patent-pending design is a pressure wrap that applies a gentle, constant pressure on a dog’s torso. As for WHY Thundershirt’s gentle pressure works to calm a dog?no one knows for sure. There are theories, but no scientific studies to p

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Some cool dog 101 images:


Image by Phreak 2.0

Tommy is on Animal Planet’s Dogs 101 tonight at 9pm! Cream Pomeranian FTW.

Image by mkosut
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Dog Car Seats – Safety First

Dog Car Seats – Safety First

Your pet dog is your constant companion and you might want to take your pet dog out for a drive or drive your dog to a close by park or garden so that he can play around in an open space. Just like we provide a safe home for our pet dogs, we should also ensure that the dog is safe inside the car. Therefore it is very essential to buy one of the best dog car seats to ensure a 100% safe drive for you and your dog. Dog car seats are not only bought for safety purposes, it can also keep your car seat well maintained, as your pet dog might just scratch on it or bite on it and might simply ruin it. Keeping the dog confined to a dog car seat will ensure its safety, plus no damages to the upholstery of the car.

Your pet dog could be a short dog and when you make him sit inside the car, the poor fellow cannot even peek out of the window, so why don’t you have a look at some dog car seats online and buy him one right away. It is not at all expensive and with a click of a mouse you could place your order and have the package delivered at your doorstep. Do not bother to go to a dog boutique or an exclusive dog pet shop for dog car seats, all you will get is fancy designs and exorbitant prices, always look for comfort, safety and durability in dog car seats along with a good looking one. And all this can be available to you, if you place your order online right here right now.

When looking for dog car seats, make sure they are the adjustable kind. Some dog car seats have dog trays attached to them. These types of dog car seats are most suitable for people who have to cover long distances with their pet dogs. The tray helps in serving the dog food, water and medicines during the journey. You could also place some dog toys on the tray to keep the dog occupied while you are driving. Apart from the tray, car seats for dogs should have good quality seat belts and harness in case an accident takes place. And above all, the car seats for dogs should be washable and easy to maintain. If you are hesitant to buy a car seat for your dog, just because you think it is expensive, then you are mistaken. They are very reasonably priced and if you order for one online you could get a special discount on it. Are you traveling with your dog in your car to meet your family for an event or upcoming celebration? If so, do not forget to order a car seat for your dog. Just like you would provide your own children with a car seat when you drive around, the same way you must provide your pet dog a car seat too.

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