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Question by Madison 3:16 Anderson Rhodes: In general, how long can a dog stay at a shelter? If it’s a “no-kill shelter” will it say it on it’s website?
Some of the dogs were at this place a good 2-3 years. I assume this means that the shelter is a no-kill shelter? In general…what is the limit? 5 years? or less? How do the “kill-shelters” work and why can’t they do anything else to make room for others? Why do they kill them off? Can’t they have a chain with other shelters and kind of move around the dogs? Maybe, someone in Jersey would take the dog from a nearby state. You know what I mean? Why do they do the last resort…as the first?

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Answer by •Poppy• -Aussies do it better-
It depends *entirely* on the shelter. The no-kill shelter in the town where I go to school keeps the dogs until they find homes; they just put them in foster homes whenever they can.

Some no-kill shelters, though, will keep the dogs for a certain amount of time (dependent on the shelter) and then they’re forced to ship them off to other shelters…some of which may be kill shelters.

Kill shelters will keep the dogs a certain amount of time, but again, it’s totally dependent on the shelter’s policies and how full they are.

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The Simple Steps to Adopt a Dog

The Simple Steps to Adopt a Dog

You love dogs– and you want a dog! Many people feel exactly the way you do! This is certainly no surprise, because dogs are wonderful animals and they make excellent pets. A dog can bring lots of fun, friendship, and joy to your life!

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What makes the best “truck dog” for long haul?

Question by Tinkerbell: What makes the best “truck dog” for long haul?
One more “trucking” question…I’m going on road long hauling for a few years, and we want to get a “truck dog” to join us. What is the best breed for this? I don’t want to be unfair to the dog (example a high energy breed) and I know there are some out there that make excellent truck dogs. Have you heard of any? Any advice?

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Answer by kja63
Regardless of the breed, not all dogs take well to car/truck travel. I can’t imagine anything worse than having your canine companion upchucking on you every few hours!

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Babe Ruth’s “Illness”– What caused it?

Question by A B: Babe Ruth’s “Illness”– What caused it?
Babe Ruth fell violently ill and was carried to a hospital on a stretcher .

The Yankee PR said Ruth “gorged” on hot dogs- plausible, cerdible reason.

Other “sources” hinted that it was a venereal disease- also plausible credible.

This occured in the 20’s when the press honored an un-written Code of Silence on such matters. The press would report that Joe McCarthy “had the flu” when the truth was Joe was on a “bender”, and the writers knew it.

Some baseball writers now accept the sex disease as a “fact”

Any opinions ?

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Answer by London Catlover
Babe Ruth used to smoke a lot of cigars and I believe he died of Cancer.

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Wellness dog food VS. Solid Gold?

Question by bunny: Wellness dog food VS. Solid Gold?
I’ve had my 2 year old dog on Solid Gold for a couple of months now, but lately he’s less and less enthusiastic about eating. He’s not sick, i’m pretty sure he’s just tired of eating the same old thing every day. So for my next dog food, i’m thinking of mixing it up. I saw Wellness at Petco and it was under the “Natural Dog Food” isle, so I was thinking of maybe trying it out. But I don’t know too much about it, so I thought i’d ask you guys. Or if you’d recommend another quality dog food, i’m all ears!

I am positive he’s not sick. He’s very energetic and playful and very attentive. So .. please no comments on the health of my lil guy :)

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Answer by kouneli
If he likes Wellness, it’s a great food for him then :) Wellness isn’t full of fillers or by-products or any other crap that foods such as Science Diet and below have.

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Dogs’ Aggression: How to Deal With Dogs’ Aggressive Behavior

by pollas

Dogs’ Aggression: How to Deal With Dogs’ Aggressive Behavior

Dogs are certainly among man’s best friends. However, in some circumstances, these animals also have the potential to be people’s and other animals’ worst enemy. As canines, dogs are equipped with sharp teeth and attacking techniques that make them dangerous when provoked and you have to deal with dogs’ aggression.

Dogs occasionally attack people and other dogs or animals. You may wonder what makes dogs behave violently. In truth, dogs are peace-loving and do not easily turn aggressive, unless provoked. Because dogs’ mode of communications and concepts are different from man’s and from other animals’, there are some actions that maybe perceived by them as aggression or dogs’ aggression.

It is instinct of any living animal, people included, to protect itself when there is imminent danger. Remember that dogs just turn aggressive whenever they feel like they are threatened. And beware of dogs’ aggression, because dogs are truly destructive and rowdy when they get really angry.

Dogs’ aggressive behavior

There are several types of aggression that influence dogs. Such dog’s aggressions are different and nature and are acquired by the dogs during different situations. To be able to learn how to properly and effectively handle dogs’ aggression, it would be important if you would understand the nature of dogs’ aggression.

The first type of dogs’ aggression is dominance aggression. This type is exhibited when the dog feels like he is the dominant organism in the area. This is not common to dogs, but studies suggest that this type of aggressive behavior is relative to the particular breed of dogs. Of course, fighting dogs are more likely to feel dominant.

If the dogs feel that someone, or some other animal, is threatening this sense of dominance, he would likely stage an attack. Several of your actions, like raising hands, clapping or tapping its head, could be interpreted by the dog as breaching its dominance or trigger dogs’ aggression, so beware.

The other type of dogs’ aggression is protective in nature. If the dog feels like you would attack it, it would surely retaliate in defense. The same goes for fear-motivated dogs’ aggression. If there is fear, the dog would not think and act naturally, making it become jittery and become aggressive.

There is a territorial sense in the dog, so if someone or some other animal intrudes its territories, the dog would turn aggressive. Dogs’ aggression could also be redirected. If the animal becomes mad at someone, but could not possibly attack him, the dog could redirect his aggression into someone else.

Dealing with the dogs’ aggressive behavior

Now that you have a brief but concise background about the nature and possible causes of dogs’ aggression, you now understand what and how dogs could turn rowdy and dangerous. Make sure you try not to arouse feeling of threat or fear into the dog so it would not behave aggressively.

For sure, you now know some of your mannerisms and actions that could make your dog behave aggressively. Avoid doing those actions when the dog is around to prevent any possible attack or dogs’ aggression.

If you could not help the aggressive behavior, it would be better to seek professional help for dogs’ aggression so your dog could not harm anyone else. Prior to doing so, confine your dog inside a secluded place or a cage. Never let it loose free because it might suddenly attack or bite bystanders and other animals.

Do not punish the dog because doing so would only make the animal behave more aggressively. Because you are the smarter between the two of you, your dog and yourself, be more understanding and patient.

Do you want to know how to curb your dog’s aggressiveness? Put an end to the stress and annoyance of your dog behavior problems and slash your dog obedience training time in half by using techniques that give you immediate results. Stop your dog’s aggression visit Dogs’ Corner

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Aamir apologises for SRK-dog blog

Aamir apologises for SRK-dog blog Actor Aamir Khan on Tuesday offered “sincere apology” for posting on his blog that he had named his pet dog after actor Shah Rukh Khan. The actor decided to apologise to all SRK fans for his blog entry on that created a huge controversy. “Shah Rukh is a dear friend of mine and I have highest respect and regard for him. That blog was in good humour and a lot of people found it funny. However, some did not. Many felt I shouldn’t have said that. So my sincere apologies to people who were uncomfortable with that part,” Aamir wrote. Aamir referred to Shah Rukh as not the Badshah but “the dog that belongs to the caretakers of my Panchgani home”. Shah Rukh took the remark “sportingly”. “I have to take it sportingly because I have that kind of sense of humour. So if somebody is doing it with me, I have to accept it,” he said.
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