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Cool “dog Parks” images

Some cool dog parks images:

Indie at the dog park

Image by outlier*
Indie is quickly getting over her shyness with people and other dogs. At the dog park this morning, these two little dogs were her favorite playmates, and they kindly tolerated her interference in their game of "french kiss with tennis ball" and allowed her to turn it temporarily into a game of chase.
More Davis dog park photos here:
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Railyard Dogs park is coming to Denver!

Image by tracy out west
Woo hoo!! The Railyard Dogs off-leash park in downtown Denver broke ground today.
We can’t wait!

This is a 0K project! Denver Post story here.

Details at This will be a very high-quality dog park – professionally designed (not just a fence surrounding mud).

All Natural Gourmet Dog Treats – How To Choose The Healthy Gourmet Dog Treats

All Natural Gourmet Dog Treats – How To Choose The Healthy Gourmet Dog Treats

All natural gourmet dog treats are becoming very popular among health conscious dog owners these days. Some people have even started baking fresh homemade dog biscuits and cookies for their dogs using nothing but fresh healthy ingredients. We all love giving our canine companions treats from time to time so why not give them the best quality treats you can find.

You may be wondering about all the preservatives and additives that are found in so many of the commercial doggie treats that you can pick up in the supermarket. So if you want to minimize the amount of chemicals your dog is taking in, giving them all natural gourmet dog treats may be just the ticket. Here are some suggestions on what kind of natural treats are available on the market today and were you might possibly find them.

When looking for something that is free of a lot of preservatives, a healthy and wholesome natural pet health food store is always a good place to begin. At one time these types of stores carried mainly supplements and maybe a few vegetable type snacks but that has changed.

Along with natural pet food stores, check out locally owned pet supply stores. These stores are often excellent places to find lines of all natural gourmet dog treats that are made locally. Many of these premium snacks will list every ingredient that goes into the product, and often will read more like a recipe then a list of ingredients.

Among the all natural gourmet dog treats you can find are vegetarian selections that are made from whole fruits and vegetables, this is a great alternative for dogs that can only tolerate grain free treats. Some vegetable treats are made from sweet potatoes which are known to be highly nutritious and very high in antioxidants.

Grain free treats are high in protein and low in carbohydrates and some of these gourmet snacks are even coated with a tasty carob coating. This is great if your pet has some special needs, such as avoiding certain types of meat by-products or limiting carbohydrates to help control your dogs weight and keep them healthy.  

Some natural treats are made from organic meat that do not contain fillers, hormones, chemical preservatives and no grains while others are baked using human grade ingredients for dogs who cannot tolerate typical pet food ingredients. Often, the range of selections for treats will take into account a number of health issues. Specifically for dogs that have allergic reactions to certain grains and foods like wheat, corn, gluten and other ingredients.

Whether you just want your canine companion to have snacks made from natural fresh ingredients or your dog has certain health needs and requires a special diet there are a lot of all healthy natural gourmet dog treats available on the market today.

Discover where to find all natural gourmet dog treats here and other healthy natural pet supplies. for your pet.

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Find Best in Show at Westminster Dog Show – Madison Square Garden

Find Best in Show at Westminster Dog Show – Madison Square Garden

The Westminster Dog Show at Madison Square Garden is the top dog show in the country and this is a great place to show your pure bread dog. The Westminster Kennel Club has had this show since 1887 and there is always a best in breed which is the best of one dogs class winning out among other dogs in there breed. After they have the best dogs in each class then they choose the “Best in Show”, which is the best dog out of all classes. They pick this dog against its own breed and what the dog should look and act like. They do not compare the dogs against other breeds when they choose a winner.

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The Westminster Dog Show is now such a popular show that millions of people watch it. There are usually a lot of famous dogs and in some cases famous owners and breeders as well. If you want your dog to compete in the best dog show in the world then this is the cream of the crop.

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These are the seven classes of dog breeds that show at in NYC. The Hound, The Terrier, The Non-Sporting, The Herding, The Sporting, The Working , The Toy Class. To move on to the final round then you must win your individual class first then you can go to the final round where they will pick a winner in “Best in Show”

This is a good way if you are interested in a dog to get great information about different dog breeds and what there original purpose was. Also you will find that the Westminster Dog Show at Madison Square Garden is one of the most entertaining dog shows you will ever watch.

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Suspected ear mites?

Question by belle: Suspected ear mites?
Yesterday I woke up to my dog shaking her head and I looked in her ear. It is red and irritated, and has little black spots in it. I googled “ear mites”, and I think that’s what she has. Should I try an otc med before I take her to the vet, or should I go ahead and take her first?
Any info is helpful, thanks!
Maggie–the meds I have found are comparable to mineral oil, so I don’t think it would harm my dog in any way to give her otc meds. But I guess we can’t all have common sense, can we?

Best answer:

Answer by sophylakes
definitley vet first,,,

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