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Question by 😉: I have a few questions on Spain and Spanish? PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!?
I have to do this huge 100 question packet on the Spanish culture. I just don’t know some of the answeres and if you could help me with any of them it would be great :)

1. Spaniards love their “Cibeles”. What is it?
2. The Spainards love to drink a red wine called a “fino” of “jerez”. When the British first adopted the drink into their culture they called it:_____________.
3. To cross from Spain to Africa you must cross the Straits of ______.
4. ____________ was the dictator of Spain from 1936 to __________.
5. The Canary Islands are located of the cost of Spain. They were called “Canary” Islands because ______________________________.
6. Name some favorite foods of spain:
7. What are Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza?
8. The Spanish Inquisition was a 350 year period in which Jews and Muslims of Spain _________________________________________.
9.The Moors had a califa. What’s that?
10. Who was Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar, also known as “El Cid”
11. There is a little principality between Spain and France. What’s it’s name?
12. Spain uses ___________ to measure the hours of the day?
13. A mordida is a _____________.
14. Spainards spend a lot more of their income on _____, _______, and _______ than we do.
15. Why are so many Spainsh girls named “Maria” or “Pilar”?
16. It’s fun to take a Spanish mateo. What is a “mateo”?
17. Lladro is very collectible expensive. What is “Lladro”?
18. Robert Fulton was the first ____________ in Spain….but he was also a famous artist who painted in bull’s blood.
19. The most popular dog in Spain is __________.
20. When is Semana Santa?
21. A good “paella” contains _________________.
22. What is the current population of Spain?
23. the gorgeous Alhambra Palace was built by the moors. What do you remember about it?
24. This place looks a lot like Cinderella’s Castle in Disney World. It is called the Alcazar de _________. (it’s in the book called Don Quixote)
25. This park had the largest man made lake in the world.

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Answer by (:
1. Originally a Hittite and Phrygian goddess, Cybele (Κυβέλη), was a deification of the Earth Mother.
10. Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar (c. 1040, Vivar, near Burgos – July 10, 1099, Valencia), known as El Cid Campeador, was a Castilian nobleman, a gifted military leader and diplomat who, after being exiled, conquered and governed the city of Valencia. Rodrigo Díaz was educated in the royal court of Castile and became the alférez, or chief general, of Alfonso VI, and his most valuable asset in the fight against the Moors.
The name “El Cid” comes from the Spanish article El, and the dialectal Arab word سيد sïdi or sayyid, which means “Lord”. The title Campeador comes from campidoctor, a vulgar Latin word roughly meaning “master of military arts”, so El Cid Campeador translates as “The lord, master of military arts”. He is considered the national hero of Spain.

I only know those, sorry! I hope I helped some, though! :)

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Question by Killer Chick: What are the laws regarding “barking dogs”. I have a neighbor in my apartment building whose dog is always
barking, sometimes at 2 am and it drives me crazy. I don’t want to confront the neighbor cause I can’t stand them (they are noisy), and I know telling the landlord is hopeless cause he won’t do anything (very sure). What do I do?
Also, calling the police is also useless cause there’s nothing much they can do.

Best answer:

Answer by moose lover
It depends on where you live. There is an ordinance in Ohio about “barking dogs”. If you do call the police let them know you know there is an ordinance on barking dogs and you want something done about it. Good luck on your situation.

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Guide Dogs & Their Owners

by Winam

Guide Dogs & Their Owners

With the increased mobility and independence gained through the use of a guide dog, the confidence of the blind or visually impaired person soars.

Well trained guide dogs are intelligent, alert, and always willing to serve.

Amongst other things a guide dog is taught to:

• Walk in a straight line in the centre of the pavement unless there is an obstacle.

• Not to turn corners unless told to do so.

• To stop at kerbs and wait for the command to cross the road, or to turn left or right;

• Amazingly they are taught to judge height and width so that its owner does not bump their head or shoulder

• How to deal with traffic.

Matching the correct dog with the correct owner takes skill and experience. The owner’s length of stride, height and lifestyle all contribute to the type of guide dog they will be matched with. Dog and owner will spend up to four weeks of intensive training together until they qualify together. The visually-impaired owner often pays only a token 50p for their dog. The guide dog is then awarded a white or yellow harness.

Some Do’s & Don’t’s When Meeting A guide Dog

• Don’t give the dog commands. Only it’s master can do so.

• Don’t walk on the dog’s left side as it may become distracted or confused.

• Do walk on the owner’s right side but several paces behind him.

• Don’t attempt to grab or steer the person while the dog is guiding him or her attempt to hold the dog’s harness.

• Do ask if the owner needs your assistance and, if so, offer your left arm.

• Don’t give the dog table scraps. Do respect the master’s need to give the dog a balanced diet and to maintain its good habits.

• Don’t allow children to tease or abuse the dog.

• Do allow it to rest undisturbed.

• Don’t allow your pets to challenge or intimidate a guide dog.

• If permission is granted, Don’t pat the dog on the head. Do stroke the dog on the shoulder area.


Robin is a disability access auditor and a UK disability directory owner

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If you are looking to find a dog from a breeder, then you need to check out this episode of Dog Knows.

Cool “dog News” images

Check out these dog news images:

Cute Clones

Image by jurvetson
Different ages, but cloned in Korea from the same deceased mother.

They have no father, but three mothers contributed to their birth: Missy for DNA, another for an embryo (and mitochondrial DNA), and a third surrogate mom for implantation and fetal development.

Because of their random estrous cycles, dogs are among the most difficult animals to clone.

MissyToo was full of beans. I first saw her “sister” with Lou in a canoe on Echo Lake.

They dropped by for lunch today, just as a "news" item broke of three human clones living in Eastern Europe.

Opinión / 意見

Image by * Cati Kaoe *
Ultimamente a mi perro le dio por comerse el diario para llamar la atención.. (y eso q esta viejote ya)..
O quizas no le parece bien lo que sale en las noticias =P
si quieren ver a mi perro:
Aqui o AQUI XD!!

A Howler

Image by TBSteve
Time for a tune up?

Question by Briana Lee: What contests are there for “cutest dog” , nationally or just in Florida?
I want to enter my Mowgli (my pride and joy english cocker spaniel) in some dog contests. He is already an AKC show dog and is successful, however i want to enter him in just some fun competitions for him to show the world how adorable he is :) I’ve googled it with no success, can anyone tell me of any contests? Thanks!

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Answer by Falling1nReverse
there is one on thats probably not what your looking for though

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PetSafe PBC00-10782 Deluxe Little Dog Bark-Control Collar

  • Bark-control collar designed for small dogs with a big bark
  • Patented Perfect Bark detection uses vibration and sound
  • For dogs up to 55 pounds
  • 10 levels of correction lets you adjust to your dog¿s personality
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Deluxe Little Dog Bark Collar fits most dogs up to 55 pounds. With NANO-TECHNOLOGY making this the smallest bark collar available. Also has the patented Perfect Bark detection that ensures your dog’s bark is the only sound that will cause the correction. Includes automatic correction level adjustment called Temperament Learning. This software tracks the number of corrections needed to reduce and in most cases eliminate nuisance barking.

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