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Service Dog Training

Service Dog Training

For a person who is disabled, a service dog can take on an important role, depending on the person’s disability and the type of service dog training involved. A service dog is often the eyes of a blind person, the ears for a deaf person, the means to get around for a disabled person or a calming friend for a person with a psychiatric disorder. An assistance dog is also used by those prone to seizures, because the dog can sense an oncoming attack.

It is sometimes difficult to recognize that an animal has received service dog training, and owners often face challenges trying gain access to places that normally do not allow pets. The American’s With Disabilities Act, and certain State laws allow for people with disabilities to take their dogs everywhere they need to go including places to shop, entertainment events, medical facilities, etc. The training dog is a medical tool to give assistance should it be required by the handler and can be easily identified by the harness or vest it wears. A business owner may ask the owner of a service dog if he or she is disabled.

Service dog training is carried out is several ways. Some dogs are bred by programs to train, while others are trained by breeders and donated to programs. Still other dogs are taken from animal protection agencies and trained as service dogs by owners or professionals. For those people who are disabled and own a dog they wish to train for disability services, there is usually a waiting list and programs require that the owner fill out an application to be placed on the waiting list.

If a disabled dog owner does not want to wait, the animal can be trained by the owner. In order to do this, an owner should seek the help of a professional or enroll in a special program that will help train the dog to meet the owner’s disability. The most trainable dogs for owner assistance training are puppies.

Because the focus of service dog training is to teach an animal that it must obey its owners’ commands and be on constant guard against obstacles, there are rules that should be respected regarding how the public should deal with them. For example, a service animal should never be petted without first asking the owner for permission. A service dog should never be offered food or snacks, because they are usually on special diets and have strict feeding schedules. If an owner chooses not to converse about the services the assistance dog is providing, they should not be persuaded to do otherwise.

There are more or less three ways to find service dogs. A person can train their own dog or have someone who is a professional train the dog for them. There are also several programs that can be found by searching the Internet for “service dog training.” Should a disabled person choose to go with a professional trainer or program, make sure the trainer or program has the record and credentials to properly train dogs in concert with the type of disability it will be servicing.

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. Learn how they trained it and how the dog response. What kind of dog that can be trained easily? Go to:

Learn how to train a service dog to act during supervised separation with expert tips on therapy dog training in this free animal care video clip. Expert: Jim Leske Bio: My name is Jim Leske, Animal Behaviorist & Trainer. Filmmaker: Louis Nathan

Question by Kibble is King of all Crap: If a dog being fed raw is at risk for parasites, does Revolution help kill those parasites?
Revolution is a flea and heartworm preventative but also:

“Besides heartworm and fleas, selamectin can be used to manage intestinal roundworms and treat sarcoptic mange. As well, Revolution works on ear mite infestations. It usually takes just a single application (to the skin, not the ears) to kill ear mites.”
Bindi.. parasites are in raw meat sometimes, and if a human or animal consumes that meat then they will get parasites. So yes, parasites or worms can come from food.
Birddog.. I don’t like the fact we use pesticides at all but the fact is, heartworm is a threat and there is no other way around it that would ensure your dog doesn’t get it. There are natural insect repellents but they are not as effective as the pesticide stuff. This is a personal decision to use Revolution. Some raw feeders don’t use anything at all and their dogs live long healthy lives. I want to err on the side of caution.

Best answer:

Answer by ξ Bindi § Say no to HR669
A dog being fed raw is at no more risk for parasites than a kibble fed dog.

Kibble is not sterile. I can’t count the recalls on commercial foods and treats to due salmonella. But the foods are recalled because of the risk to people.

Also worms do not come from food, they come from the environment.

Bacteria, yes, worms no. You’re talking about a wormer here and worms do NOT meat, except a select few and then only in underdeveloped countries. None of which Revolution would take care of they were present anyway.

Also most meat is frozen before you buy it which kills parasites and slows bacteria growth.

Yes there are some parasites that can be in food, but not the ones you are thinking of. So no Revolution will not kill those.

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Q&A: is it NOT ok for me to feed my dogs wellness?

Question by Dont Litter Fix Your Critter: is it NOT ok for me to feed my dogs wellness?
I recently bought this wellness dog food “Old Mother Hubbard Wellness Super5Mix Lamb”

these are the ingredients:
Lamb, Menhaden Fish Meal, Oatmeal, Ground Barley, Ground Brown Rice, Rye Flour, Tomato Pomace, Canola Oil (preserved with mixed tocopherols, a natural source of vitamin E), Salmon Meal, Rice Bran (from brown rice), Tomatoes (natural source of Lycopene), Ground Millet, Natural Lamb Flavor, Flaxseed, Carrots, Spinach, Sweet Potatoes, Apples, Blueberries, Dicalcium Phosphate, Calcium Carbonate, Potassium Chloride.

My question is this, last night I posted a question and someone told me that WELLNESS isn’t supposed to be the only food fed to a dog – because it is pure meat and no vegetables??

Is that true? I don’t really see wild dogs eating too many salads these days! Heh! I’m not sure – but I wouldn’t have switched to a 60 dollar brand of dog food if I knew that it had to be supplimented with something else? …thanks for any insight!!
I didn’t realize that feeding my dog quality food was me falling for a sales pitch?? Weird!!

Best answer:

Answer by Susan B
Wellness is a great food, you have to take advice from people here that actually know what they are talking about. In every post you will find people answering that don’t have a clue.

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Question by gm253: This is for you “Dog Lovers” :) Can I take my Dog on a 2 Hour drive, 1year & pretty trained… Thanks
I just got her on Sunday, we adopted her :) But I want to drive to Santa Cruz and I am sure everyone knows Highway 17. Will it be to much for her? Please help me, I want to go ASAP… My Family lives up there! Thank you :)

Best answer:

Answer by Shanna
2 hours in a car should be fine provided she is not prone to car sickness. Adult dogs generally have no problem in the car for 2 hours or even more.
I had my dogs in the car for 36 hours when we moved across the country and they did just fine with potty breaks.

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