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Dog Obedience Training

Dog Obedience Training

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Kate Beckinsdale’s “ultimate cute pooch accessory”?

Question by Sassy Shibas- sea kittens = yum!: Kate Beckinsdale’s “ultimate cute pooch accessory”?

Yes, media, please make even more people believe that the hottest item to have is a “cute pooch”…looks like a Cocker Spaniel to me…anyone want to bet on how many questions about Cockers we’ll start having soon? Grrrr…I know it will always happen, I know, but I actually haven’t seen it, really, since Paris and her dog. There are lots of celebrity dog activists, but those guys aren’t slapped with the caption of “Check out so-and-so with this HOT accessory!” Just kind of bummed me out.

Also, completely other topic, is removing ticks from puppies the same as removing them from humans? I’m going to be picking up two male puppies from a farm this weekend to take them to the vet and then place them in rescue (they’re SO cute it’s going to be tough not to keep ’em!!) and I saw that they had ticks inside their floppy ears last weekend. Just wondering if there’s a different process or not.

Thanks all, Happy Wednesday!

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Answer by Rachel – Pit Police
“What kind of puppy does Kate Bekinsale have?”
“How can I convince my parents to get me a cocker spaniel?”
“What’s a good name for a coker spaniel?”
“Who else thinks cocker spaniels are the cuuuuuttteeessst?”

Joy of joys….I can’t wait.

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Question by Jim J: What Happens If A Dog Walker Lost Clients Dog After Dog Bit Him?
I own a dog walking business and had a dog run off on me and am wondering what the ramifications might be. I am bonded & insured, but I wounder if I am still libal after I was bit by the dog that escaped.

This was a new client, the family only spoke broken English, so I didn’t get as detailed in my pre-screening as I normally do, my first mistake. They were not looking for a regular walk, only help for 1 day with their two dogs. So, I tried to get the essential information about the dogs vaccinations and temperament. They told me everything was up to date and the dogs were well behaved. They did bark at me when I first showed up, many dogs to bark at strangers coming to the house, but calmed down after a minute, though they never came over for me to pet them, I assumed with a few treats I could leash them and walk them with no problem.

So, when I showed up at 7AM the day I was to walk them there was already poop in the house and the dogs ran from me and wouldn’t come even for treats or even eat them off the floor they were so nervous. So, it took several minutes to corner one at which point it peed itself. I managed to get its collar on without incident. I then got to the second dog, who growled, though I was able to slip the collar over his neck and buckle it from behind, at which point it peed and pooped on me.

I cleaned myself and the mess the dogs made while I was there trying to leash them, but not the poop that was already there, and then took the dogs out.

When we came back in, I shut the door behind me, but clearly not tight enough. I un-clipped the first dog who ran into the house and then I got to the second who had already growled at me. I tried to quickly take the collar off from behind before the dog knew what was going on, but after I undid the clip it turned an bit me. It didn’t brake skin, but it made me jump, at which point the dog ran for the door, used its nose to open it enough to squeeze out. I followed the dog for almost 30 minutes before I lost sight of it. At which point I called the owners and the local police and animal control.

I spent several hours combing the woods, I left food on the door step, I knocked on neighbors doors, and finally when it started to get dark, I found a picture of the dog made “Lost Dog” fliers and hung about 30 around the neighborhood and passed out several more.

I’d had several conversations with the owner at this point, about securing the other dog and attempting to find their dog, which, as it turns out, has done this to them several times, though it seemed to quickly come back for them.

So, when it was finally to dark to do any more I returned home. Later in the night (tonight), when the owners returned home, I received a call and they are accusing me of not walking the dogs, blaming me for not cleaning the dogs mess in the house (which is not something I had agreed to do), and their attitude went from being thankful for all the work I was doing to find their dog, to how dare I blame it on the dog biting me.

I still have hope that the dog will be found or returned as it happened on a Sunday and no veterinary services or dog officers were available to contact if someone found the dog (though if they called the police they would have had my contact information). I already left the money they had paid me upfront at their home along with a note apologizing once again, but if worse come to worse and the dog is never found or is dead, am I still liable for a dog that had bitten me? Several neighbors even commented “Oh, that dog”, when I was looking for it. Clearly there is some histroy there that I was lied to about in my screening of the dog.

Thanks for any input you have!

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Answer by kemperk
i did not read your note; it was too long.

you are logically bound to take on no project that you feel unprepared for.


u owe her

try a dif occupation, no offense intended

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Healthy home cook food for your dog?

Question by Muneca: Healthy home cook food for your dog?
Do you cook for your pet or buy in store dog food? I hear so many stories how long they live on high quality dry dog food or healthy homemade food. I’m getting confused. I know some pet owners whose dog lived a long time on both. My 4lb Maltese is a picky eater. She has lost and gained weight by only ounce. I know some say they wont starve themselves but mine is really funny. She sniffs everything and walks away. She nibbles on her dry “Solid Gold” food here and there. It depends on the day and her mood. I tried to mix the dry with a little wet, add lil low sodium chicken broth, etc. The doctor gave her “Royal Canin” and she got the runs. Should I try a different brand of food for sensitive stomachs or home cook her meals? If dry food I prefer organic and if cooked “what recipes?” Everyone has there own preference but I still would like to know both sides. Thanks.

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Answer by Mr. Pants !
I’ve been using Pedigree (I think Purina) for years. I brought home a pit bull from sicily when I finished my active duty career in the military and then spoiled her because I got into the restaurant business and brought her home steak scraps- her health changed rapidly and she got really lazy and obese- I figured that I loved her so why not?

Then, and a vet didn’t need to tell me, I thought I love this dog so why not keep her on a strict diet and keep her healthy, I started getting her plain ole pedigree and sometimes but not often added a little gravy to it. Never too often but just now and then. She lived about 15 years and died healthy and naturally. I hope you understand that last oxymoron. Died healthy…

Anyway, my mom has 2 dogs and feeds them table scraps daily. I’ve warned her that its not nessessary to spoil to show love. They will NOT eat dry dog food and wiat for my mom to break down and give them gravy or prime rib or whatever. Both are fat and lazy, poop all over, and not nice solid poop. This may not help as I have no gourmet dog food or recipes for dogs. As a former military male, this disgusts me. Spoiled dogs AND spoiled children. Anyway, I love my dogs and keep them on a firm diet. I don’t switch because something is on sale.

Another thing I want to tell you that a vet told me herself is that they-vets- sometimes buy stock/ shares in speacialty dogfood or gourmet dogfood co. and push these products on their clients/ dog owners telling them that they are the best foods for your dogs healthy diet- just for their own profit. Think about that!!!

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