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Dogs Types And Dogs Facts,great Story About All Types Of Dogs

Dogs Types And Dogs Facts,great Story About All Types Of Dogs

How all the different kinds of dogs currently living in the world as well as other other good information related to these animals you can find in this little story that was written for all those who love these animals. The dog is very smart animals, and he is one of the top lot of smart animals that still exist on our planet. Each type of dog is now a story for itself, and every dog has something a dog does. They are very different in character and in light of the planet currently has 149 species of animals are some of your behavior and some of its character and something different from each other. A large number of species of animals are quite small in appearance but are still some types of dogs can be very large. Currently the world has many kind of dogs that can be found in different colors and because of this fact can now see a dog that is white, yellow, brown, black, red, green, and gray and still really a lot of other colors in which these animals can be. The dog is still today the best friend of us and still is not known just how we like these animals so much closer to each other and how these animals so close to us today. Each house in the States of America today, almost has this kind of animals and this is indeed so, and this was investigated by the latest estimates, which were made in North America. In States of America still living conditions of about 32 million dogs and animals, this is a very popular and is now living everywhere on the planet. These animals can be seen in all parts of the globe and all types of dogs. The dog is very smart animals and if you start your favorite dog to learn to time it to do so when that dog is small because the later can be very smart and will always listen to you and be with you. The dog is currently very popular in the whole planet and there are those different dogs and one very big for his appearance. Some types of dogs are a little less clever, but some still and quite smart.

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Question by mazdachick5811: Does anyone have “Johnsons Insurance” and know the policy for breed of dogs?
i was just informed that some insurance companys will cancell if you have certain breeds….what the hell. I have a boxer and am trying to adopt a pitt mix. When i signed up they never even asked me about animals. So im thinking it doesnt apply with them. I guess i could call but just thought id ask around first. Thanks

Best answer:

Answer by Zarnev
Johnsons Insurance is probably just the agency that you went through to get the insurance, not the actual underwriter for your insurance. Most companies will not write you if you have certain breeds because those breeds have a history of claims. The agent might have known you had a boxer and a boxer is not on their list but a pitt probably will be. You should call your agent to get a list of dogs that the insurance company won’t cover.

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Dog Breeds -Dog Breeds – Everything You Need To Know About The Akita

Dog Breeds -Dog Breeds – Everything You Need To Know About The Akita

To begin with we will give you some basic info on the breed and them move on to other areas of this excellent dog.

Breed group: Working

Weight: Males 75-120 lbs, Females 75-110 lbs

Height: Males 26-28 inches, Females 24-26 inches


The Akita originated from the Akita region in Japan, and this breed is more than 3000 years old. The Akita has captured the hearts of the Japanese people for many years now. Akitas are seen as the national dogs of Japan where they have also been selected as a Natural Monument. This breed is used as guard dogs, fighting dogs and hunters – and also to perform army and guard work. The Akita is a very good hunting dog, and they are also able to hunt in deep snow. Akitas captured the hearts of the Japanese people


This is a breed that thrives on human attention. The Akita is a very loyal dog – but they can be wary of strangers at times. Akitas are bright dogs that do not show a lot of fear. This is a dog that will protect its family and territory fiercely – and they can be very aggressive towards other animals. These dogs do very well as guard dogs, but owners will be happy to know that they do not bark excessively. Seeing that the Akitas love human companionship, they will not stand out in an environment where both owners work. It is advised that potential owners have some experience in dog ownership as this breed can show some aggression toward other dogs. The Akita is quick to respond, very noble and also a very brave dog.


Akitas require a fair amount of grooming in order to keep their coats in a good condition. These dogs should be brushed with a hair brush daily. A gentle shampoo should be used to bathe these dogs with, but only when really necessary. If the shampoo is not gentle enough, it might strip their coats from its natural oils.


Akitas should have thorough training sessions. It is vital for these dogs to be submitted to sufficient socialization and obedience training. It is also very important that the owners of these dogs establish their dominance; otherwise these dogs will try to take control. The Akita will not do well if there are treated in a heavy-handed manner. These dogs should be handled in a patient and kind manner that is also steady. Akitas are fairly easy to housetrain.

Health problems

The Akita tends to suffer from conditions such as hip dysphasia, thyroid autoimmune thyroiditis. They also have problems with immune diseases like VKH and Pemphigus, and at times they struggle with skin problems like SA and eyes patella.

Get more info and advice on the akita or akita training visit this dog breeds web page.

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