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Question by ♥Merle♥ ♥Loves♥ ♥Koolies♥: Purina, Iams, Pedigree, Science Diet, Eukanuba, and Royal Canin?
I’m getting a dog soon, and have been visiting vets to try to choose a good one. I’ve also been asking a few questions too, to try to gain some knowledge.

Yet there is one question I always get the same answers too.

Me: “So, what are some good brands of dog food?”
Vet: “Well, there are only a few. Purina, Iams, Pedigree, Science Diet, Eukanuba, and Royal Canin are the only ones I’d recommend.”

EVERY vet I have visited so far has told me to feed these foods. Is there something fishy going on here, or are they just really good brands?
Wow, are you guys serious??? They get paid to promote stuff!? No way!

Could you also tell me why the other foods are *good*?
Sombra- thank you for the link.
DeeDawg- what do you mean by “Thanks, Stalkers.”?

Best answer:

Answer by The dog
Science plan has allot of fillers, same for pedigree… I dont like iams for personal reasons, I do like purina one and royal canin.

I personaly recommend royal canin.

Best of luck, sincerely, The dog x

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Question by jcrewcatt: Found a Stray Dog And It Will Not Stop Diaherraing All Over the Place?
On Saturday afternoon I came out and there was a dog sitting on my porch. It was raining and I took it and put it in my basement. The girl upstairs from me gave it a bath, collar and put an ad in the newspaper for “Lost Dog”. Well, I’ve been letting it stay with me and it keeps having number 3 all over the place. I don’t understand why. Someone gave me dog food and it’s been eating that but it keeps number 3ing all over the place. Last night I took it to PetSmart and it number 3ed all over the place. Ugh! I’m dry heaving.

What can I do to make it stop number 3ing all over the place? Should I buy another brand of dog food?
Do you think it has worms if it’s been having the runs?

Best answer:

Answer by BRIT
Give him the recomended amount for children of pepto. do it every four hours or so it will work.

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