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Question by KahneDame: Where can I find out what breed of dog “Lucky” is from Dr Doolittle 3?
He is the Tan one with Norm Mcdonald’s voice.
Did it say in the Making of what kind of breeds they think are mixed? He looks a lot like my dog who also is mixed and the vet and the pound I got him from can’t agree on what he is.
The search engines don’t give me responses with those kinds of details and since I saw the movie on TV I don’t have the benefit of any DVD extras.

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How To Stop Dog Barking Without Using A Bark Collar

How To Stop Dog Barking Without Using A Bark Collar

One of the biggest problems dog owners face is how to stop dog barking. They bark at night, they bark at anyone that comes near the house, they bark to get your attention, and sometimes they bark just to hear themselves bark. Unfortunately, barking is one of a few ways that a dog can communicate with you and with other dogs. While body language is the number one communication tool for dogs, barking appears to be a close second. There are methods to decrease your dog’s barking, and in some situations stop your dog from barking, and they are simple to learn and only require patience and consistency on your part.

Before I delve into the most effective methods to stop dog barking, it is important that you understand that your dog could quite possibly have situational barking bred into him. If he is from a Guard Dog breed, like a German Shepherd, Rottweiler, or a Doberman, he is going to bark when someone approaches you. If he is from a Hunting Breed, he is going to bark in certain situations. There really isn’t much you can do about it.
What we are more concerned with here, is the dog that barks just to hear himself talk, or the dog that barks at you or other household members in an attempt to get his way.

There are two easy methods to train your dog not to bark, and neither involves shock collars or anything of the sort. Your relationship with your dog is based on mutual respect, and one of the first things you need to do is to make sure she understands who the alpha dog, or pack leader, is. YOU are supposed to be the alpha, and if she thinks she is, you have a serious problem, The first method you can use to stop barking will not only stop it, but will also show her who the alpha is.

When your dog is barking, for whatever reason, don’t say a word. Approach your dog and gently, but firmly, grasp her snout. Many dogs will try to back away or wriggle free. Use your other hand to hold her collar, and continue to grasp her snout until she stops trying to get away from you. Once she has stayed calm for a few seconds, let go of her and give her a little light praise. Don’t make a big deal of it, just tell her she is a good girl. If she starts barking again, repeat everything above. You are not only stopping her from barking by grabbing her snout, you are showing her who is in charge.

The other method to stop barking works well when your dog is trying bully you, or get something from you, by barking at you. In this case, you are going to ignore him. You are not just going to just ignore him, you are going to cross your arms, turn your back on him, and not acknowledge his presence in any way. Make a big deal out of it. Continue to do this until he stops barking, even if it takes a few minutes or so. This method requires patience and consistency. If you give in, even once, you will find yourself back at square one, as you have only taught your dog to bark louder or longer to get your attention.

If you follow the two methods as I have outlined, you should be able to eradicate most, if not all, problem barking from your dog’s behavior.



Mark Edwards is a dog trainer,breeder,grooming shop owner, and owns more dogs than he would care to admit. If you would like to get more information on dog behavior problems, and dog training from A to Z, please visit Dog Training Dog Obedience Training

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Nature dog food recipes – 3 top dog dietary tips

Nature dog food recipes – 3 top dog dietary tips

Even though there are bags of commercially manufactured pet food available in the market, a true dog lover will always favor nature dog food recipes over them. The reasons for this bias are not hard to fathom. For one homemade dog food is safer and secondly it is also not that difficult to make, if you are willing to invest just a little bit of your time and energy. One person who is best placed to advice you on natural recipes for your dog is your vet. They can offer you valuable tips on the ingredients based on your dog’s breed, size and the climatic conditions in your place. Here are some great tips for natural dog food recipes for the overall good health of your pet dog.

Organic or raw meat is something that finds a place in many nature dog food recipes. You can try out various cuts of organic or raw meat. Nature dog food recipes with assorted grains are also known to be a healthy option for your dogs. They are known to provide all the energy that your dog needs throughout the day, while also making them feel ‘full’. If you have some garden space available in your home, you can also try out nature dog food recipes with juices of vegetables and fruits, which are home grown. Dogs are known to love these juices, especially during the hot summer months. Apple bits and baby carrots can be used as snacks for your dog. Additionally you can try giving them ice cubes during the summers. These snacks make for excellent nature dog food recipes. Homemade doggy biscuits with natural ingredients are another option that you have got. Not only are they quite simple to make, they are also highly nutritious and help in keeping your dog’s daily calorie dietary intake’s calorie count low.

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Nice “toy Dog” photos

A few nice toy dog images I found:

Scared of a Toy Dog (20091221)

Image by carrielby
Happy’s scared of a toy dog my younger sister got from Melaka. To be fair, the toy dog does have scary yellow eyes and a weird ‘bark’.

Image by celie
Lap dogs (toy dogs). These young dogs have been bred very small, small enough to be held in the lap.

Russian lap dog, 1861 (left)
Mexican lap dog, 1843 (right)

mcdonalds toy dog

Image by fsse8info
mcdonalds toy dog