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EVERY RESCUED DOG HAS A TALE:Stories from the Dog Rescue Railroad

EVERY RESCUED DOG HAS A TALE is the story of homeless dogs fated to die on death row in animal shelters around the country that were saved by being transported by volunteers to other states. Each chapter is the story of one dog from his hapless beginning to his happy ending, complete with photos. Some stories are heart wrenching while others are full of humor. They all teach a lesson of how one person can make a difference in the lives of homeless animals. All it takes is a weekend drive and som

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List Price: $ 8.49


Jobz 4 Dogs: Rescue K-9

List Price: $ 9.98

Price: $ 32.29

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Nice “lucky Dog” photos

A few nice lucky dog images I found:

lucky dog waiting for a treat

Image by emdot
For all you people who loved the Lucky Dog story, here is a another photo of her.

Lucky Dog for a day

Image by tidefan
No, this isn’t my normal job with Aaron’s. The guy who normally is Lucky Dog was unavailable last night for game 6 of the NBA playoffs between the Atlanta Hawks and Boston Celtics. Aaron’s is a big sponsor of the Hawks so it was important the Lucky Dog make an appearance. Word got around that I had been a mascot in a former life, so Aaron’s gave me the opportunity to step into the suit again.The crowd was incredible, Phillips Arena was rockin’ and I got to see the Hawks push the Celtics to game 7 in a series where Boston was expected to sweep them going in.
Good times.