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Question by commonsense: Does the homeopathic medicine “excrementum caninum” have actual dog feces?
And what on earth is it used for??

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Answer by Tink
Well, you know….if it quacks like a horse…..

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Skateboarding Dog

Tillman the skateboarding bulldog from the iphone commercial. All clips are from January 2007. Tillman was a little over a year old at the time and is a much better skateboarder now. Tillman does not belong to me, to find out more about Tillman contact Mike Maguire A little history of this first video. I Filmed the video using a just purchased Panasonic Lumix TZ1. I was bicycling through Venice Beach California when I came upon the skateboarding dog. This was probably the only time I used the Lumix’s wide screen movie mode. I suspect one of the biggest reasons my video was selected, second only to the awesome Tillman, was not much user generated 16:9 content was available on youtube.(iphone is 16:9) Originally the first video had the soundtrack “Giving In” by linkin Park. Once the video appeared in iphone commercials I panicked and removed the video from youtube because of the attention and I had no rights to use the song. As time approached for Apple’s release of the iphone with youtube, youtube contacted me and requested I reinstate the video without the soundtrack. Youtube wanted users to be able to view the skateboarding dog in the store and after purchasing their iphone. Unfortunately youtube gave me only a few hours to re-edited video before the iphone release. The original background sound on most of the clips was ruined by hysterical laughter from a woman watching Tillman so I cut and pasted sound in from other parts of the video to cover

It’s dogs in slow-mo catching treats. What could be better. From TBWA Toronto. Follow me on Twitter, I share neat things. Music is by Andrew Harris, a Vancouver-based sound designer and composer. Check out more of his awesome sounds here:

How do I say the dog command “Go potty!” in French?

Question by ari_1965: How do I say the dog command “Go potty!” in French?
My college French classes didn’t cover this! My dog walker uses the command “Go potty!” to tell dogs to urinate/defecate outside. I would like to say this in French to my dog, who is a Belgian Malinois. Thank you.

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Answer by Peter
fais la poupe!

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