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Study of a small girl with a prize Scottish terrier dog, c. 1935 / by Sam Hood

Image by State Library of New South Wales collection
Format: Glass photonegative

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The Library’s catalogue record for this photograph calls this dog a Scottish terrier. For many years the phrase ‘Scottish terrier’ related to any of several terrier breeds which originated in Scotland, including West HIghland, Skye, Cairn and Aberdeen terriers. This dog is probably a Skye or Cairn terrier.

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From the collection of the State Library of New South Wales

Dogs removed from home now at other shelters
Investigators say more than 100 dogs were found living in filthy conditions at a home in Casey County last week.
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Steve runs downs some of the positives and negatives for some of the more popular dog products.

Is a raw food diet the key to absolute health?

Question by E: Is a raw food diet the key to absolute health?
I’m always thinking about the idea of “absolute health”…there has to be some diet out there that is the best possible diet for a human…we have dog food figured out; the same food every day and they get all they need! Why isn’t there “human food”?

So, I wonder if raw food is the most natural and healthy way to eat. It sounds good on paper, but what do you think?

Best answer:

Answer by serenity
Maybe not the absolute but it is pretty healthy but it depends on the foods you eat and how much you eat of it because some foods you can handle raw a few times but then they can go bad or get you sick if you don’t eat them raw anymore and it depends on the area you live in because there are different foods you would need in that area to live a healthy life.

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