Question by emaxxjunky: Low output on my eletric fence?
I just installed a electric fence”no more than 1/4 mile of wire total”and it doesnt even effect my dogs at all.I got a 2 mile fence box and i am using 17 gauge steel wire.My grounds are a horse shoe stake about 3 ft,a metal stake about 4 ft long and a peice of steel bar about 3 ft long,with 17 gauge wire tripled and braided together for ground wire.No sign of grounding out anywhere.Any ideas please help.

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Answer by Justin A
sounds like your fence charger is going bad or you might have too much ground don’t know if that’s possible I just use one post for a ground and a piece of 12 gauge bare copper wire. try dumping a bucket of water on your grounds this worked for me once

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