Question by jenifferj: When your dog is due to have pups will males smell something and try to hump them? Pitboxer.. Jackrsl chiwawa?
Long story… make it short … please all the “don’t breed your dogs people” know the facts of the story first. WE or I should say SHE adopted us. Sunny lived across the street … kept coming 2 our house … stayed for up to 3 days at a time. Several times. The owners left her outside food/water … and were gone for the weekend… happened alot… we kept her !!! They demanded money … we paid just to save her from being abused again… (thrown down stairs, not fed, god knows what else) … took her to the vet for spay..needed more shots… after that have to wait 6 weeks then spay .. well… she went into heat… we go on vacation … left her with my MOM cause she’s in heat … come home and she has a little encounter with the chiwawa ….hmmm did I mention she is the sweetestest most well behaved 9 month old pitbull boxer mix ever …… it’s been about 60 days since that …. she’s even got milk coming out of her … u know…. now and has since been ignored …… NOW the chiwawa is all over her… I was kinda thinking false pregnancy but …. She’s bigger but I can’t feel puppies… maybe cause they are so tiny …. Taco (possiblly a father is 6lbs) is acting funnny all of a sudden …. SUNshine ( the possibly mother 50 lbs) is sleeping alot after 5 and crazy dog during the day. She HAS a vet appointment in 4 days…. but I was wondering. Anyway for all the “your cruel if you don’t spay your dog” people.. sometimes there is a story …. If we didn’t adopt her she may not be alive today … and ever since we’ve had her ( 4 months) the window to spay has NOT been in our favor ! She’s 9 months now… and loves and loves and loves our family. Even the cats…For people actually concerned …… is false pregnancy that common ? She would be due anytime. …. with pitbull/boxer …… chiwawa/jackrusselll pups…I already checked the due date calender ….

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Answer by Latinapride
If the girl dog is almost due the boy dog will not smell her or anything they no not to and when the female has the pups you should not keep it with the male….Hope I helped…

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