Pet owners and their working therapy and obedience trained dogs perform a K9 drill routine. Graduates of the Fine Canine School of Dog Training in Elmhurst, IL at the Elmhurst Animal Care Center showcase their dogs’ advanced obedience skills in this routine and perform at public events. We promote responsible pet ownership by showing others the fun and benefits of training any dog! You can watch the dogs having fun together during a play session too!

A video demonstration or guide to help you train your dog to walk or run on the treadmill. This illustration is part 1 and will help you train your dog to run on a human powered treadmill. This segment covers surface conditioning, movement, speed changes, and how to end the exercise. The dog in the video is Anna, an 8 month old working German Shepherd breed by In Dogs We Trust (Wir Vertrauen) of St. Peter, Minnesota. If you would like an in depth description of the exercises demonstrated OR a copy of the schedule we implement for dogs learning this exercise visit: For information on the German Shepherds we breed/train visit:

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