Question by serialmom12: I have signs all over my fence and gate “beware of dog” if someone comes in and gets bit, am I libel?
I also have signs on my gates and fences “Private property, no tresspassing, and Keep Out.” People just come in my yard like they own the place. The dogs are outside frequently (both front and back yard are fenced in and have signs all over) and I know one of the four definately bites, but with an animal you never know, they can all bite. I put a padlock on my front gate. But I’d hate to be sued for someone’s stupidity, especially when I’ve left warning signs all over….what the heck is wrong with people today???
I live in the city of Tampa FL

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Answer by Cookie
According to my lawyer, in my state (Pa) you would still be libel, and he suggested not posting that kind of sign because you are advertising that you have a possible aggressive dog. The Private Property, no trespassing and keep out signs are fine.
This is , sorry to say, a sue happy country and I would make durn sure my dog is never in a position to inflict harm to ANYONE.

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