Question by MoRgAn: Can you name my family? (:?
i just answered one of these and it was a lot of fun:

note: i meant for the hints to be a little vague

first name- starts with an E, ends in an E
middle name- starts with a P and can be shortened to a 3 letter nickname

first name-starts with an M and is 4 letters long
middle name- starts with an E and is a classic, old fashioned middle name

Maternal Aunt Sis:
first name: starts with a C, same nickname for male or female
middle name: starts with an N, means: Christmas

Maternal Aunt:
first name- sounds like a piece of popular clothing
middle name- starts with an M, very popular

first name- hyphenated first name; his first name shares the same initials as Jesus, both names are common and rather biblical
middle name- starts with a D, with the addition of 2 letters it becomes a female name

first name- “unisex name”, starts with an M
middle name- old fashioned name that starts with a G

Dog- 5 letters, uncommon, starts with an M, she shares this name with actress Kelly

Fish- starts with a T, the name of a loony toon

Best answer:

Answer by blank
Ellene Patricia
Mark Edward
Christine Noelle
Jean Marie
John-David Daniel

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