Question by Cory V: My dog pee’s…. Whenever…?
So i’ve taken my dog to the vet so i know it’s not incontinence. Nor is it hormones. However my dog is probably about a year in some months old. She still pee’s submissively. It’s getting to the point of annoyance and i can’t take it anymore. My carpet stinks like piss, and well here we go: we took her to the vet, got her home she seemed to do great for about 5 days. She didn’t pee ever when i pet her or anything. I let her outside played with her whatever. So just recently after that she pee’s whenever. We leave them out of their cages we have another dog, and when she see’s me coming through the window she pee’s. She leaves a trail about 5 – 6 feet. We let them out before we leave. When we get home. Today we were gone for about 4 maybe 5 hours. Get home and she peed right next to the window for about 6 foot as she walked. I’m not even in the freakin house and she is peeing. I’m so sick of it i can’t even stand it. I’m two seconds away from dropping her off at the pound. Don’t get me wrong i love her, she’s a sweetheart but i can’t take it. I rescued her from a shelter when she was about 3 months old. She came to me with these problems and they haven’t gone away. I’ve put a fuckin diaper on her because i can’t do it anymore. So please can anyone give me insight on what to do? And i’m not kidding i don’t care about the message if all your going to say is “would you return a kid if he had diabetes?” etc… #1 she’s not a kid or a person she’s a dog. #2 I’ve put up with it longer than you would i’m sure, #3 that’s not the answer i’m looking for. Facts and personal accomplishments and experiences. Thanks to anyone who gives a legit answer.

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Answer by T-Wizzy
I think you should limit the amount of water you give to her.
Give her water when she goes outside and keep her out for about an hour or so (if the weather is good) and dont give her an unlimited amount… especially if your not home

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