Question by tiff: Why is “human food” so bad for dogs.?
I often read posts on here which say feeding human food to dogs is really bad and reacently someone said that no good dog owner would do this as though it were some kind of crime agains canines.

Well last night for dinner I had

2 of my dogs had (kibble ingredients)

1 dog had (home cooked as kibble is no good for him)
Pasta (not rice)

So who’s eating what are my dogs eating human food or am I eating dog food?

And do you think what people should really be doing is giving proper, fact based infomation like “some foods which humans can eat shouldn’t be given to dogs as it is toxic to them so be careful with what you feed your dog” rather than creating myths like “human food is bad for dogs”?
Thanks for the info and links about the foods not to give which I have found particularly helpful.

Silent_k, I too looked at barf but decided it isn’t for me (not that it isn’t right) one of my problems is that chicken, which is intensivly reared (I only use free range) can contain salmonella and cooking will kill it. And what about other meats? With this in mind I decided to home cook for the dog I don’t feed kibble to. I may be wrong in my assumptions but this where I stand at the moment.
Unfortunatly Purina Dog Food wouldn’t be any good what so ever for the dog I home cook for. And just where is the sugar in Chicken, Wholewheat pasta and fresh veg?
lillardlane, are you on the Purina payroll? If not you should be!

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Answer by silent_kayos
I think if you properly research what foods are okay for your animal to consume, then you should be okay letting them eat your leftovers, years ago that’s what people used to do.

Kibble and commerical pet food is bad for our pets anyway, that’s why I’ve been looking into a raw food diet. Been having problems understanding it though

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