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Dog rescues are organizations with the goal of helping dogs find permanent homes. Many dog rescues are geared to a certain type of dog, for instance there is probably a rescue for any breed of dog you can name.  There are rescues for basset hounds, Dobermans, Greyhounds, etc. And there are also rescues for the ‘mutts’ of the dog world.

Dog rescues are typically operated by volunteers who are dedicated to the welfare of that breed of dog.  They try to find new homes for abandoned, abused or relinquished dogs.  The reasons for so many dogs needing homes are numerous.  Some dogs may have been strays where no owners could be found for them.  The dogs could come from pounds or shelters where their days before being euthanized were numbered.  The dogs could simply have been unwanted and relinquished by their owners for reasons unknown.  At any rate, there are a great number of dogs who need rescuing and are in need of new homes.

Most dogs found in dog rescues have been examined by a veterinarian and as such have had their shots updated, have been spayed or neutered and have had any medical problems looked after.  Some of the dogs may have ongoing medical problems, such as blindness, a missing limb or arthritis, but such conditions are disclosed before they are allowed to be adopted.

With many dog rescues, the dogs have been placed in private ‘foster care’ homes and are looked after by caring people before they are offered for adoption.  Such a process ensures that the animal is ready to be placed in a permanent home, and can often dictate what type of home is best suited for that dog.

Now, where do you come in to help dog rescues?  Every dog rescue is in need of your help in one way or another.  Here are a few ways you can help:

Adoption:  If you are looking for a dog to adopt, going to a dog rescue is a great way to get a loving pet. You can find the breed, age and type of dog you want by searching for the appropriate dog rescue.  This is the number one way to help in rescuing dogs.

Fostering:  If you do not want a permanent pet, but could take one on for a short period of time, fostering may be the way to go for you.  You can be an individual or a family with a heart big enough to take one a dog in a safe loving environment until a permanent home can be found.

Transportation:  Sometimes a dog that has been relinquished needs to travel from one place or another (for example from a shelter in one city to another city a particular breed dog rescue is located in, or a dog on his way to a permanent home in another state).  You could volunteer to transport the dog from one city to another, one state to another, or even just part of the way.  Dogs also need transporting from the rescue site to a vet appointment.  You could be very helpful in volunteering your services in this way.

Supplies:  You could donate things like dog collars, leashes, dog food, bowls, dog toys, crates or whatever else you may think of that dogs would need. Just contact the dog rescue to find out what they may need and let them know you would like to help. You could collect items from friends, family members, garage sales, etc.

Monetary Donations:  Since dog rescues are typically run by volunteers, donations are always welcome.  You donations would go towards the feeding and housing of the dogs. Adoption fees only go so far, especially when there are so many dogs in need of rescue. And, most donations are tax deductible. Again, contact the rescue to find out how to go about this.

Administration:  You could volunteer your services in an office capacity at a dog rescue. You could help process adoption application, keep records for vet and other bills, answer telephones, handle correspondence, etc.

Advertising:  One of the most important jobs for dog rescues is trying to find appropriate homes for the dogs.  You could volunteer to put up flyers, advertise in newspapers or magazines, or even send out messages on the internet to find people who may be suited to adopt a dog from the dog rescue.

Whichever way you choose to go, dog rescues would be very grateful for any help you give them. Through caring volunteers, the dog rescue benefits and so do the dogs – and the bonus for you is the knowledge that you have helped give a needy dog a loving home.  

Denny Phillips is an avid dog lover and aims to improve every dog’s health. Read her new ebook “The Great Dog Exercise Book” for tips to exercise your dog and make sure your dog lives a healthy life.

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