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Dog Food Analysis

Dog Food Analysis

Dog is human’s best friend and one of the most lovely family pets. We consider pet dogs as family members, even as our own baby. We give everthing we think is good for them, big brand dog food, medical care, toys, not matter how expensive. But still, lots of dogs fail to accompany their beloved master for more than a decade. Renal failure, malnutrition, digestive system diseases, and so many other problems can take away our lovely dog before they get the chance to grow old. Why we spend so many time and money taking care our dog and end up like this ? Well, have you ever think about that you may literally poision your dog everyday by feeding them comercial dog food ? Unfortunately, that is the truth.

Comercial dog food manufactures, no matter how big the brand is, try every means to increase their profits. Instead of truly caring your dog, they may use slaughter house wastes, diseased animal carcasses contains chemicals and other low-nutritious ingredients to decrease costs. All of these are not groundless rumors. Andrew Lewis, author of the best selling book “Dog food secrets”, did years of researches to find out the truth about pet food, after his dog died in its four.

After konwing all those dangers in comercial dog food, you probably want to try other things to feed your dog. You can find all you need in “Dog food secrets”, such as essential nutrient that dogs need, various recipe easy to cook, nutritious and yammy for your pet. If you want to feed your dog with human foods, make sure you check out in list of fatal human food to dogs in the book first. There are also many information about medical care, nutrition, vaccinations, calories-control and even tips to teach you how to make heathy snacks.

With years of reasearches and a true dog-loving heart, Lewis is very confident to his book. If you are not satisfied to the book for any reason, you can get all your money back without giving back the book.

With the help of the book and your love, it is not a dream to expand your dog’s life to 27 years and that would be very happy and healthy 27 years. Grab A Copy Click here

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Question by Stephanie H: How can i get my dog over her “seperation anxiety”?
I recently moved out of my boyfriends house, where we shared 2 dogs. I now live by myself with one of the dogs, but we still visit my boyfriend and the other dog often. The dog is ok when we get in the car and leave together, but everyday when i go off to work and leave her home alone, she goes crazy. From barking non-stop at the window, to shredding any shoes or clothes of MINE that she can get her paws on. She’s also weary of going in the back yard by herself. I either have to go out with her, or she does her business in the house!! HELP!!

Best answer:

Answer by Bozema
Honestly, I would move her in back with your boyfriend if possible. She is miserable all day without her buddy and is having a hard time adjusting.

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Nice “canine Dog” photos

A few nice canine dog images I found:

siku as a blur

Image by romdos

Nice Portrait of a Doberman

Image by bfraz
Looks kinda mellow here, I see the little puppy in this teen.