Question by Stephanie H: How can i get my dog over her “seperation anxiety”?
I recently moved out of my boyfriends house, where we shared 2 dogs. I now live by myself with one of the dogs, but we still visit my boyfriend and the other dog often. The dog is ok when we get in the car and leave together, but everyday when i go off to work and leave her home alone, she goes crazy. From barking non-stop at the window, to shredding any shoes or clothes of MINE that she can get her paws on. She’s also weary of going in the back yard by herself. I either have to go out with her, or she does her business in the house!! HELP!!

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Answer by Bozema
Honestly, I would move her in back with your boyfriend if possible. She is miserable all day without her buddy and is having a hard time adjusting.

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