Question by Tammy R: Who determines qualifications of rescue groups?
This is a serious question that I’ve always wanted to know. Since we have this issue with Ellen and Iggy, I started to think about it. While I understand both sides of the issue, having been both a person who has adopted from a rescue group, and having rescued animals, it still makes one wonder a few things. Who decides the qualifications of the people who do rescue groups? What qualifications do these people have to determine WHAT HOUSE/FAMILY will make the best family for an animal? The reason I ask…I feel that when a dog / cat bonds with a family, then we have accomplished our goal…to find a good loving home for the animals that we rescue. If I were running a group, I wouldn’t so much care about WHO placed the dog/cat in a home as much as HOW THE ANIMAL was being care for. If the animal was happy and well cared for, then it’s a done deal. Just because that decision wasn’t made by “my group” doesn’t mean it wasn’t right.
But, I also see the value of contracts.Tough call

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Answer by Friend of Dog
As long as the dog is feed, watered, cared for and has shelter and it is not physically abused it is better than being euthanized. Everyone has different opinions on how to treat dogs we should just concentrate on the main necessities to save these animals.

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