Question by Bernese Loved.: To the “go adopt from a shelter” advocates?
Now this isn’t to people that own rescues, this is to people that get annoyed if you mention that you are buying a dog. I’m all for rescues (had one myself, and of our cats have been) but I mean the people when if you post that you’re thinking of getting a new dog they put “Go adopt one!”.

Do you think that it is unfair to buy a dog? What if that person wants that breed for a purpose? For working? As a show dog? Agility? Do you think people like Greekman and Curtis and Loki who have packs of dogs to work with should have a house full of shelter dogs? Or do you think that’s acceptable?

I’m not having a go at anybody, I’m just very curious. I mean I’m all for getting a mutt out of a shelter than a mutt from a BYBer, but surely you have to see some of us have a breed because we love that breed, or we work with it?
You guys have surprised me actually. No block caps about anyone being stupid because they’ve bought dogs.

I can safely say I won’t have another rescue dog again (as I got very lucky and the fact that he was found abandoned, starving, and not just picked out of a shelter by us), but it’s nice to know you guys don’t think anyone that buys a dog from a good show breeder is a monster.

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Answer by Chrisy
I think you should get the kind of dog that you want, be it from a shelter or a breeder. It doesn’t matter what everyone else says or thinks. It’s your dog and you are the one going to care for it and love it for years to come. My only advice is if you decide to purchase one from a breeder research them and don’t buy from a puppy mill.

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