Question by Robyn: has anyone sent dna from a pure bred dog to be breed tested?
there is a site called wisdom panel mx that you can send your mixed breeds dogs dna to in order to find out what breeds he is mixed with. i have know people to sent the dna off to recieve a list of 10 dog breeds some including a yorkshire terrier when the dog tested is as large as a sheperd. if find the results to be rediculous. i ws woundering if any one has ever sent off the dna of a pure bred registered champion show dog to test how accurate this “test” is.

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Answer by BYBS sell sick puppies for crack
I have heard of people who have done this with their purebred dogs.. and yes they are very inaccurate- purebred dogs have come back as mixes.

I have also heard of people testing “known” mixes, and have recieved inaccurate results.

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