Have Fun With Dog Photo Calendars

So, are you thinking about making a photo calendar for your dog? That’s great! Dog photo calendars are a great way to keep the treasured moments with your pet, and they also make a great gift for anyone who loves their dogs. It’s a month by month photo album that you can customize the way you like it, and with online stores who offer calendar printing it’s just as easy as uploading a photo.

You have your options depending on your available time and patience. You can try making a dog photo calendar by yourself. For this you’ll need good materials that will ensure the calendar will last the whole year. Print your photos in high quality paper. The cardboard or paper that you use to build the calendar should be high quality also, and fit to your needs (you can design the calendar on the computer or maybe doing it all by hand).

On the other hand you have online stores where you can print a calendar customized with your pictures. The results are pretty awesome, because most of these stores use specialized machinery and know what are the best quality materials to use. Best of all, it is very easy, and you’ll just basically have to wait for the delivery. They also have a lot of templates to choose from.

Dog picture calendars are great because you can enjoy taking pictures of your dog especially for the calendar. Dressing your dog to represent each month is very fun; you will get a lot of laughs with this! I once had to follow my dog around my entire house just to get him to wear the Christmas hat I made for him. At the end it paid off though, and he always barks when he looks at the calendar, and guess what, the photos of me following the dog will be on next years calendar.

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