Question by canine kapers: pros and cons for electric collar use on unrully bulldog?
I’ve seen a dog behaviourist today about training my unrully am bulldog (10 months) I only just got him a month ago, he has had no socalization, hasn’t been maltreated and is certianly not fearfull . he is young, overally dominant, and has NO bite inhabition i’ve got the torn clothes punctured limbs and the broken bones to prove it! I feel very sorry for him I only have myself to blame for bringing him into the UK’s terrible rabies control system. i was promised utmost care and training for my young pup i paid for more socalization & training of him for the last 7 months, which was obviously never administered. now he most certainly will not respond to the most orthodox or humane training methods, the behaviourist today told me and i quote “you need something to snap him out of his ways, it is not his temperament but his behaviour and the only way to stop this very dangerous unwanted behaviour dead is to use a electric collar”. does anyone agree or disagree? thanks in advance?

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Answer by NiCoLe i love my Chi cena!
I very much disagree! Those things are terrible! i would see another behaviorist!

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