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Choosing A Pet Medication Online

Choosing A Pet Medication Online

If you’re one of the millions of people on earth that owns an animal chances are your pet has either had the flu, a cold, ticks, flees or something else altogether. When things like that happen to your pet, obviously you want to fix it. Especially if you’re someone like me, I think of my dog Casper as a part of the family, not just a dog. When something happens to your dog or cat or other animal you want to take care of it immediately.

There are several sites online where you can find pet medication at discount prices for your animal. Discount prices are great because medication for humans let alone animals usually costs a pretty penny. Admit it, there’s been a few times when you’ve been sick, and your doctors told you that you’ve needed a certain sort of medication. This medication more often than not is expensive! Well with animals it’s the same thing sadly.

Discount pet medications are also great if you own several animals instead of just one animal! Discount pet medications are no better or no worse than regular priced pet medications. The only difference is, is that they are less expensive. Which in my opinion is terrific for you. If you’re looking for sites online that offer discount pet medication, all you have to do is go online and look for things relevant to discount pet medication.

I’m just going to list a few sites for you. Most of these sites are pretty well known, but that doesn’t mean you have to do just these sites, you can also find several other sites online that offer discount pet medications. The way I found these sites was that I’ve heard of them, but I also looked up a top 10 list for discount pet medication sites. So you can do the same as well;

Pet Care Rx. – Dog meds, save up to 50%

Total Pet Supply – Save 80% on pet drugs today, 125% price match guaranteed

1800 Pet Meds – Save up to 25% on brand-name pet medications

Pet Care Choice – Up to 65% savings on pet medication. Best price guaranteed. Free shipping.

As you can see above, these are some of the more popular or well known sites, but as said above there are several other sites to you can go to.

This author is a huge fan of Buy Discount Pet Meds Online

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Leave It Vs. Wait (This One Could Save Your Dogs Life)

Leave It Vs. Wait (This One Could Save Your Dogs Life)

Leave it vs. Wait (this one could save your dogs life)

So is there really a difference between “Leave It” and “Wait”? You better believe there is! I think both commands (cues) should be taught. The difference is that with “Wait”, the dog will eventually get the object in question, where “Leave It” means the dog will never ever, ever, ever (am I being clear?) ever get the object in question. Why the difference…because dogs always try to jump the cue. Think about it. If you taught your dog “Sit”, then “Down”, how many times has your dog gone from a “Sit” (the command you ask for) to a down without permission? The dog figures why wait, I will just go ahead and lay down since that is what you are going to ask for next! Fido figures that skipping ahead just shows how smart he is. So, if you teach “Leave It” as a command where the dog eventually gets the treat, what happens when the “Leave It” object is dropped medication, or a half eaten sock? If the dog tries to jump the cue here the results could be disastrous. The solution is to teach “Wait” for those items they will eventually get (food, toys, going through a door or going up or down stairs) and “Leave It” for those things they are not allowed to get, this list could include almost anything (small children, cats or the porter house steak you dropped, etc).

So how do you do this? In the beginning, we will be using a “Muttz R Us” clicker. This is simply a noise maker that uses a click noise to tell the dog what they did right. We are going to start with the clicker in our right hand and 7-10 treats in the left hand. You are also going to need one more treat to play the part of the “Leave It” object. Start in a kneeling position to place the “Leave It” object on the ground in front of your dog. Each time your dog attempts to take the Leave It object, I want you to cover it with the hand holding the clicker (right hand), and say the words “Leave It”. I want you to be clear and direct with the dog, but not overly loud or aggressive when giving the command. I guess the easiest way to describe the voice I want you to use is “the voice” your mother has! She never really raised her voice but boy oh boy did you know what she meant. If you go much past this with your dog you will only scare them, and that will not result in learning! As you are saying “Leave It”, keep a close eye on your dog. The moment they look away from the “Leave It” object, click and reward them one treat from your left hand. Make sure to move your left hand as far away from the “Leave It” object as possible. We not only want the dog to leave the treat alone, but also learn to move away from the object as well! So moving the hand you are treating with as far away from the hand blocking the “Leave It” object is critical. Within minutes you should start to see your dog getting it! At this point, begin shaping the behavior of your dog from looking away from the “Leave It” object to looking at you.

The goal is to have a dog, who when they hear “Leave It”, will ignore the object and look to their owner for direction. As you progress, you can go from a kneeling position to standing up. Instead of placing the “Leave It” object on the ground, drop the treat in front of the dog and if necessary block the treat from the dog with your foot instead of your hand. Again, wait for the dog to look away when you say “Leave It” before you click and reward. Then shape the behavior of your dog to looking at you before you click. Once you have it down, move on from treats to toys, thrown balls, cats, chewing on the chair, etc. The more practice you can get with ever more distracting items, the stronger a “Leave It” command you will get. Ironically this exercise does not need a huge amount of time, but it does require a ton of consistency. If you practice 15 minutes a day 5-6 days a week, you will be amazed at where you can be in a month. Another trick is to incorporate practice time each day within your every day schedule. The more you can make the practice real life, the faster your dog will learn.



Mike Deathe is a stay-at-home dad who found his passion as a dog trainer in 2008.  He enjoys identifying unique and useful “muttz” related products.  He is the author of Keep It Simple Stupid (K.I.S.S.) Pet Blog.  Mike has had dogs since he was four years old and there are currently four dogs and two cats living in his home!  As an avid pet lover, he regularly sees the number of dogs and cats that never find a home.  In 2009, he and his wife Kate founded Muttz “R” Us, a t-shirt company with a philanthropic motto of “Adopt a Pet, Save a Life.”  Visit us at facebook or twitter or follow the blog @ or check out the website!

What is a Boxer dog? What kinds of homes do they require? How can I adopt one? Watch the video and find out! No copyright infringement intended. Music credit: Groove Armada.
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Question by britjayhawk0405: Has anyone had trouble with the Dog Food Analysis recommended foods?
Has anyone else actually had problems feeding these “better-rated” foods?

Our story:
When we first got our German Shepherd puppy Wolfram, I was a big fan of the Dog Food Analysis (DFA) website: I wanted to make sure our puppy was getting the best food possible.
He came to us eating Royal Canin Maxi Large Breed Puppy 32 (2* rated), so we gradually switched him onto Wellness Super5Mix Large Breed Puppy (5*). He was doing great on that for several months, then when he got to be about 5-6 months old, he started having progressively worse diarrhea. Then -really- bad diarrhea to where he had to be kept at the vet overnight and given IV fluids. Tests said he just wasn’t digesting his food properly. So we tried a different brand.
Over the next several months, he was on:
Solid Gold WolfCub Puppy (4*)
Taste of the Wild Wetlands Canine Formula (6*)
Blue Buffalo Chicken and Brown Rice for Large Breed Puppies (4*)
Innova Puppy (5*)
(vet-recommended) Hill’s Science Diet Puppy Large Breed Lamb & Rice (1*)
I wasn’t wild when he got switched to Science Diet briefly, but since the 4* and better foods weren’t working out for him (he consistently had diarhhea on every one, despite careful gradual switching of his foods and absolutely no other “human” food or dog treats), I thought we’d try it. All of these so-called excellent foods that were supposed to be better for your dog, designed for large breed puppies, etc. were just making him sick.
Finally, we ran out of “quality” options that were sold within a 30-minute radius of our house. Frustrated, we decided to pick from the two sensitive stomache options at our local Petco, and ended up with Nutro Natural Choice Chicken, Rice, & Oatmeal… a 2* rated food.
Wolf has been on it for 2+ months now, and has not had diarrhea since he started eating it (except for the random occasions he gets into something on the farm). He has gained back all the weight he’d lost over the months, and is happy, healthy, shiny, and energetic.

Has anyone else actually had a better experience with the “crap” foods like we have?
Do you still feel DFA is a legitimate analysis or recommendations?
Our vet was having us switch to different brands/ingredients to see if a certain protein/grain/etc. could be the cause. Regardless, even if it was an allergy issue with the premium brands, he must have been allergic to everything they sell around here! And not allergic to Nutro, so he’s staying on it. xD

He was also tested for enzyme levels, pancreatic problems, etc. The vet hasn’t been able to figure out what his deal is. The next step (if he got bad diarrhea again) was going to be an intestinal biopsy. Thankfully, I don’t think he will have to go through that.
Painted Pony- You do have a legitimate point. He could still get sick on the new food like he did when we first got him. I really pray this doesn’t happen though.
Usually, when we switched foods, though, he would “let us know” right away it wasn’t working out- diarrhea within the first week to ten days that didn’t improve.

He has also been on probiotics, antibacterials, and other medications which didn’t always help. He’d been sick for about five months, and is now doing well, so I can’t totally discredit the food.

Best answer:

Answer by marci knows best
Check Dog Food Project for more accurate information. And consider feeding a RAW diet.

Add your own answer in the comments!

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Some cool canine dog images:


Image by the.myrmidon
Xena loves me. She’s finicky otherwise.

melvin4 copyw

Image by stembaughphotography
Boxer again

Family Dog: Show Dog #2

[23-Jun-1993] Part 2 of 4
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