Question by britjayhawk0405: Has anyone had trouble with the Dog Food Analysis recommended foods?
Has anyone else actually had problems feeding these “better-rated” foods?

Our story:
When we first got our German Shepherd puppy Wolfram, I was a big fan of the Dog Food Analysis (DFA) website: I wanted to make sure our puppy was getting the best food possible.
He came to us eating Royal Canin Maxi Large Breed Puppy 32 (2* rated), so we gradually switched him onto Wellness Super5Mix Large Breed Puppy (5*). He was doing great on that for several months, then when he got to be about 5-6 months old, he started having progressively worse diarrhea. Then -really- bad diarrhea to where he had to be kept at the vet overnight and given IV fluids. Tests said he just wasn’t digesting his food properly. So we tried a different brand.
Over the next several months, he was on:
Solid Gold WolfCub Puppy (4*)
Taste of the Wild Wetlands Canine Formula (6*)
Blue Buffalo Chicken and Brown Rice for Large Breed Puppies (4*)
Innova Puppy (5*)
(vet-recommended) Hill’s Science Diet Puppy Large Breed Lamb & Rice (1*)
I wasn’t wild when he got switched to Science Diet briefly, but since the 4* and better foods weren’t working out for him (he consistently had diarhhea on every one, despite careful gradual switching of his foods and absolutely no other “human” food or dog treats), I thought we’d try it. All of these so-called excellent foods that were supposed to be better for your dog, designed for large breed puppies, etc. were just making him sick.
Finally, we ran out of “quality” options that were sold within a 30-minute radius of our house. Frustrated, we decided to pick from the two sensitive stomache options at our local Petco, and ended up with Nutro Natural Choice Chicken, Rice, & Oatmeal… a 2* rated food.
Wolf has been on it for 2+ months now, and has not had diarrhea since he started eating it (except for the random occasions he gets into something on the farm). He has gained back all the weight he’d lost over the months, and is happy, healthy, shiny, and energetic.

Has anyone else actually had a better experience with the “crap” foods like we have?
Do you still feel DFA is a legitimate analysis or recommendations?
Our vet was having us switch to different brands/ingredients to see if a certain protein/grain/etc. could be the cause. Regardless, even if it was an allergy issue with the premium brands, he must have been allergic to everything they sell around here! And not allergic to Nutro, so he’s staying on it. xD

He was also tested for enzyme levels, pancreatic problems, etc. The vet hasn’t been able to figure out what his deal is. The next step (if he got bad diarrhea again) was going to be an intestinal biopsy. Thankfully, I don’t think he will have to go through that.
Painted Pony- You do have a legitimate point. He could still get sick on the new food like he did when we first got him. I really pray this doesn’t happen though.
Usually, when we switched foods, though, he would “let us know” right away it wasn’t working out- diarrhea within the first week to ten days that didn’t improve.

He has also been on probiotics, antibacterials, and other medications which didn’t always help. He’d been sick for about five months, and is now doing well, so I can’t totally discredit the food.

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Answer by marci knows best
Check Dog Food Project for more accurate information. And consider feeding a RAW diet.

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