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Perimeter Technologies Deluxe Ultra Comfort Contact Pet Fencing System PTPCC-200D

Perimeter Technologies Deluxe Ultra Comfort Contact Pet Fencing System PTPCC-200D

  • Designed for areas up to 5 acres
  • Large, easy-to-read digital display provides your system’s output level
  • Flexibility of changing frequency
  • Ability to change stimulation settings to achieve a custom range of correction options to fit your dog’s specific temperament
  • Comfort Contact: Cushions your pet’s neck with soft rubber.

Perimeter Technologies Deluxe Ultra model adds all the features of the Deluxe model (twisted wire + lightning protection) and all the features of the Ultra model (adjustable frequencies + adjustable correction) to Perimeter’s basic model.

The adjustable frequencies are useful if you are planning to run your boundary line near a neighbor’s boundary line that may interfere with your signal.

Adjustable correction levels are another useful feature, letting you change the base correction level to

List Price: $ 279.95

Price: $ 259.95

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iRobot Dirt Dog™ Shop-Sweeping Robot

For More Info or to Buy Now: Attack your dirty shop, patio or garage with the iRobot Dirt Dog Shop-Sweeping Robot. This rough-and-tough cousin of the popular Roomba (sold separately) cleans hard-to-reach places easily with… Prices shown on the previously recorded video may not represent the current price. View to view the current selling price. HSN Item #353540
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Dog Mange – The Worse Skin Disease That Can Hit Your Dog

Dog Mange – The Worse Skin Disease That Can Hit Your Dog

If you still don’t know what worse skin disease can hit your dog, try to look up the one called mange in every pet book you know. Mange is a type of a skin disease that can be highly contagious both for you and your other pets. Mange is caused by parasites that live on the skin of your dog, causing wounds, hair loss, blisters, and scabs. Mange could make your dog become not so desirable. With walking dandruff and a skin disease apparent on its fur, you’ll even have second thoughts about letting your dog inside the house again.

And so you should make sure that your dogs don’t acquire this disease at all. There are three types of mange that could develop in dogs – Sarcoptic Mange, Demodectic Mange, and the Cheyletiella Mange. These diseases are very similar to each other, with each of them having varying effects on your pets.

Of these three, demodectic mange can be considered as the mildest type. There are instances that dogs recover from it on their own, even without medical intervention. However, it is almost impossible to tell demodectic mange from sarcoptic mange, which is a lot more severe. If left untreated, sarcoptic mange can become generalized, which means that the entire skin surface of your dog gets affected. In its early stages, sarcoptic mange is localized. Here, the foot, the ears, or the mouth of your dog is affected. Without the proper medications, the disease can easily spread throughout the body.

This only goes to tell you that you should take your pet to the veterinarian on the first signs of the disease. They will provide them with the necessary antibiotics, dips, and diet to make sure that your dog gets cured in no time. Self-medication for mange is strongly discouraged. Veterinarians need to examine your dog fully to determine what type of mange it has acquired. Only then will the necessary treatment procedure can be given. Note that the three different types of mange call for different methods of treatment.

Cheyletiella mange is the type that is most visible. This is the one commonly referred to as the walking dandruff. Like the others, the parasites that cause this disease reproduce massively on the skin, causing severe damage in the process. The mites burrow themselves into the skin of the dog to feed on the nutrients and then reproduce. A single mite on your dog’s skin is enough to inflict it with the disease as it will multiply in number in a matter of a week.

However, that will only happen if your dog’s immune system is weak. Dogs with strong antibodies can easily fight off the parasites that cause mange. Also, dogs that don’t practice good hygiene are more prone to mange than any other pets. And so the best way to prevent mange is to make sure that your pet gets the best attention both in its hygiene and eating habits. Give your dog the most nutritious food around so its body defense system gets stronger by the day. And make sure that your dog gets its daily bath and regular grooming too in order to make sure that no mites or parasites would even attempt to come close to it.

Find out more about mange in dogs, dog sarcoptic mange and dog demodectic mange by visiting us at

Question by damselchum: What do you think of feeding Innova Evo cat/kitten food to ferrets??? ?
I am having trouble finding a ferret food in my area that I am comfortable feeding to my fuzz butts. I’m thinking i might have to go the “high quality kitten food” route.

I’ve fed my dogs Innova Evo with great success, and am very happy with the company and their products. They DO make a ferret food – but it is hard to track down.

Here’s the link to the Evo ferret food:

I’m thinking that the Evo cat/kitten formula will work well for my guys…

Both formulas are at 50% protein and 22% fat… First 4 ingredients are identical… Next several ingredients are found in both formulas in slightly different order (Potatoes come before chicken fat in the ferret one) Biggest difference is the addition of Potassium and Taurine in the cat food.

Just wanted to get some opinions from other ferret owners. My guys (rescues) are currently on a crappy chemical and sugar filled corn based food. I need to get some decent food into these guys!
sk8tergirl… Ummmm Innova is an all natural food?

What brand would you recommend???

Best answer:

Answer by sk8tergirl
i think it would be ok but not the best.
you should look for an all natural food.

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  • DOGTor RxTM a Natural Anti-Aging Formula for Dogs
  • Scientifically proven anti-aging formula is now available for dogs!
  • Restores nature’s essential Natural Growth Factors.
  • Natural remedy for Dog Ailments!
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True Science and the effect of Natural Growth Factors in your Dogs health!
Commercial pet foods DO NOT contain Natural Growth Factors!
DOGtor Rx is the missing link in your dogs’ daily diet. Here is the reason why!

DOGtor RxTM formula is beneficial for all dogs when added to their daily diet, because the Natural Growth Factors, contained in DOGtor Rx formula that are the missing ingredients that their canine ancestors depended upon to thrive in the wild. We are proud to introduce our DOGtor R

Price: $ 69.95

My dog “Lucky” died. What should I get next.?

Question by elliottsadler06: My dog “Lucky” died. What should I get next.?

Best answer:

Answer by veronicagzm
Get a black cat and name it “Unlucky”.
(Sorry dude — you were just asking for it!)

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Question by enlightenedwell: What do you think when people say, “It’s only a dog (cat)”?
I was married for twelve years but had no children, but I had something BETTER than children. I had a lovable chihuahua that I loved more I ever loved my children, but as a condition for a non-contested divorce, he got custody of her. Since I had to move outside the US, I agreed to let him keep her.

Recently, I found out that my ex husband had to give my precious chihuahua away because he couldn’t afford to take care of her. I’m most heartbroken and everyone I talk to is minimizing my pain, saying “It’s only a dog”. Frankly, I don’t think I would feel any worse if I had lost one of my human children.

I know there are millions of people who love their pets and consider them an integral part of their family. Why is it that not everyone understands that kind of love?
Holly says, “But come on, you loved your dog more than you love your children? That is a little either too much love for the pet or not enough love for your children. ”

It shouldn’t be THAT hard to understand. Children are thoughtless, selfish, self-centered and only think about themselves most of the time. They talk back and they can be cruel and hurtful.

Pets (most especially dogs) love you unconditionally no matter what mood you’re in. They never talk back to you and they’re always ready to give you love and greet you eagerly when you come home from a hard day.

Figure it out!
To the Dude: You have been reported.
To Raymond: You have been reported.

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Answer by Eagle 1
Because they are self centered and unevolved!

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