Question by damselchum: What do you think of feeding Innova Evo cat/kitten food to ferrets??? ?
I am having trouble finding a ferret food in my area that I am comfortable feeding to my fuzz butts. I’m thinking i might have to go the “high quality kitten food” route.

I’ve fed my dogs Innova Evo with great success, and am very happy with the company and their products. They DO make a ferret food – but it is hard to track down.

Here’s the link to the Evo ferret food:

I’m thinking that the Evo cat/kitten formula will work well for my guys…

Both formulas are at 50% protein and 22% fat… First 4 ingredients are identical… Next several ingredients are found in both formulas in slightly different order (Potatoes come before chicken fat in the ferret one) Biggest difference is the addition of Potassium and Taurine in the cat food.

Just wanted to get some opinions from other ferret owners. My guys (rescues) are currently on a crappy chemical and sugar filled corn based food. I need to get some decent food into these guys!
sk8tergirl… Ummmm Innova is an all natural food?

What brand would you recommend???

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Answer by sk8tergirl
i think it would be ok but not the best.
you should look for an all natural food.

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