Question by enlightenedwell: What do you think when people say, “It’s only a dog (cat)”?
I was married for twelve years but had no children, but I had something BETTER than children. I had a lovable chihuahua that I loved more I ever loved my children, but as a condition for a non-contested divorce, he got custody of her. Since I had to move outside the US, I agreed to let him keep her.

Recently, I found out that my ex husband had to give my precious chihuahua away because he couldn’t afford to take care of her. I’m most heartbroken and everyone I talk to is minimizing my pain, saying “It’s only a dog”. Frankly, I don’t think I would feel any worse if I had lost one of my human children.

I know there are millions of people who love their pets and consider them an integral part of their family. Why is it that not everyone understands that kind of love?
Holly says, “But come on, you loved your dog more than you love your children? That is a little either too much love for the pet or not enough love for your children. ”

It shouldn’t be THAT hard to understand. Children are thoughtless, selfish, self-centered and only think about themselves most of the time. They talk back and they can be cruel and hurtful.

Pets (most especially dogs) love you unconditionally no matter what mood you’re in. They never talk back to you and they’re always ready to give you love and greet you eagerly when you come home from a hard day.

Figure it out!
To the Dude: You have been reported.
To Raymond: You have been reported.

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Answer by Eagle 1
Because they are self centered and unevolved!

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