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In the girls’ bathroom, Savannah sat on the toilet listening in on five girl’s conversation. She couldn’t tell who they were except by their shoes. The girl with the red heels spoke first. Or at least that’s what Savannah thought.
“What’s that one girl’s name.” red asked. “Savannah Ripley? Friends with Elisha Carpenter and Holly Drake?”
“The girl who’s really pretty and kind of popular.” said a girl with black Chuck Taylor’s.
“Yeah, that’s who I’m talking about.” red said. “She’s so annoying. I have her in Biology and she says the dumbest things. I got stuck with her on a presentation to do for Mrs. Cunningham, and she totally freaked when we had to present. Then today, we were watching a video where they had to film under water and she was like, ‘Ooh, they must have used special equipment for it!'”
Skylar. Savannah seethed. Who did she think she was? The popular kids weren’t as nasty as she and her friends were.

  The girl with the red Chuck Taylor’s laughed. “What a retard.”
Savannah felt tear stinging from her eyes. She hated that word Chuck just called her. Retard was a horrible word. That word had been thrown at her in middle school and day camp. Now it was coming back to her.
“She’s dating Carter, right?” a girl wearing Rocket Dogs said.
“Of course.” Skylar said. “Everyone knows. If they could broadcast it, they would.”
Chuck laughed. “I give them two more weeks. Carter can’t handle drama. As soon as Savannah gets to be on the top of drama, he’ll leave her in a millisecond.”
And with that, they left. Savannah banged the door with her fist. All she wanted was to make friends and this was what she was getting. A hate group.

  Sighing, she walked out of the stall. To her surprise, Palma was standing there. She hadn’t even heard Palma walk in. Palma extended her hand for Savannah to hold. She had heard everything.
“Don’t mind them.” said Palma. “They don’t know any better. You have us, you know.”
“I just want everyone to like me.” pleaded Savannah, tears running out of her eyes like a faucet.
Palma chuckled. “Don’t worry, when they saw me, they liep.”
“What?” giggled Savannah.
“They ran.” Palma said flatly, ushering Savannah out of the bathroom. “You do know, those girls are just jealous of you right?”
Savannah figured that as much, but it still hurt. She didn’t want anyone to be jealous of her. Holly even said being jealous of just caused more trouble. She didn’t want anyone to hate her. She didn’t even like drama. There was no way she would even be apart of it.

  “People call me big-boobed bimbo.” said Palma. “They’re like ‘Why are you celebrating Thanksgiving? You’re Dutch.'”
“Why do you?” asked Savannah. “Just curious, that’s all.”
“Because half of my family moved here and took on American traditions.” smiled Palma. “I love my home, but the U.S. is so much better.”
They talked for awhile until the bell rang for fourth period. Since Mr. Austerlitz never counted anyone tardy, Savannah decided to stay there for a few more minutes.
“I have Asperger’s.” confided Savannah, waiting for Palma’s reaction.
Palma smiled kindly. “I have OCD. What you have, doesn’t change my opinion about you.”
Savannah felt wonderful. Finally someone she told at Paramount besides her teachers about her disorder. Palma understood completely. For she too had a disability. A mutual bond came between the two when they confided in their deepest secrets.

  Rick Perez kept pestering Savannah about how Carter was during in study hall. Every time she was about to say something to Holly, Rick would butt in with his mindless questions. She usually didn’t mind Rick, but that time she was getting agitated with him. She finally had to tell him in a terse voice to talk to her later. Then felt guilty afterward. She hated being rude. That wasn’t the kind of person she was. So she ended up apologizing to him.
“That’s okay.” he said. “I can be annoying.”
“Now you admit it.” Holly said, rolling her eyes.
Lucas Green leaned over to Savannah. “Hey, how come there’s people talking about you? I told them to stop.”
“Thanks.” smiled Savannah. “I feel like I’m the most hated person in the school.”
“No, you’re not.” Holly said reassuringly. “We like you.”

   Relief fell over Savannah. She knew those were her good friends. They would never hurt her for anything. She didn’t know what she was thinking when listening to Skylar. Skylar was just someone she knew. She didn’t affect her life. Just then Austerlitz walked over with a slip of

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Answer by R@Ch3l ♥
I actually like it ;D
Its pretty good!
But at some parts you use some words to much, like In one sentence you use the word drama like three times.
and I also dont get this part: Skylar said that savahnna was popular, but she said that all she wanted was to fit in at what Im assuming is a new school she is at. If your new to a school you cant really become popular quickly. Unless im wrong and shes not at a new school…
And also in i think the second paragraph you said the girl has red chuck taylors, but before you said she had black ones.

Other than that I love it!
Good job!

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