Question by azawalli: Reponse to “My dog has a growing flea problem”: My house has been taken over by fools. What should I do?
For the last seven years, I’ve had some very irresponsible family members living in my house. I never wanted them there, but they invited themselves in, claiming that they had support from the courts. They’ve picked fights with everybody in the neighbourhood, but they conveniently disappear when there’s a fight. They’ve also taken over my credit cards and have been blowing money that I don’t have. As a result, I’m in major debt right now. Oddly enough, a lot of the charges on my statement seem to have been made out to China. When I complain about their behaviour, they harass me and say that I’m acting irresponsibly and hurting the family. When I complain about the fights that they pick, they call me names, but they never actually show up themselves at any battle. I’ve also found them reading my mail and listening to my phone conversations. We were getting along fine in our neighbourhood until these boobs moved in; now everybody hates us. What should I do?
This is my not-very-elegant response to the idiot who compared illegal aliens to fleas–comparing a human being to a parasitic insect is not funny, as this boob thought.

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Answer by eldude
move out and let them deal with the problem they created

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