Question by deirdrefaith: What is it about “black dog” that orientals like so much?
Yes, when visiting my sister in Hawaii, i became aware of the fact that koreans(i believe it was that 100% of asians) who adored “black dog” as a tasty morsel.
firstly, out of curiosity (only)what does black dog taste like? and what type of korean recipes or flavorings do the koreans use?

[i am taking a VERY detached approach to this serious question and it is MERELY out of curiosity]

When I was in Hawaii, my sister had adopted a beautiful black dog as a pet. Her name is “Lucky”. The poor thing had scars under her arms from apparently being ‘saved’ from a korean bbq while on a skew.
So she thank God was saved many yrs. ago.
and b4 anyone adopts a pet dog in hawaii there’s a legal paper one has to even sign saying that they will not eat the dog.
(I couldn’t believe it was that BAD over there!!!!!)
Apparently there are a lot of “Lucky’s” in Hawaii fortunately.

*May I introduce to some of the Korean’s out there the brilliant idea of choosing fish to eat instead of black dog?

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Answer by mushrooman2000
Dude just let people eat what they want and stop trying to impose your views

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