Question by Blacky~ iestá detrás!: LLD “little dog disease” ?
A couple days ago, when walking home from a friends house I was accosted by our other neighbors dachshund. I was at the bottumn of my friends driveway, where our neighbor was getting her mail from her mailbox. The dog ran to me and was yapping like the dickens and grabbed onto my jeans and kept nipping me. Then he grabbed onto my jeans and I couldn’t “shake him off”. I called to the owner, who totally wasn’t watching her dog attack me, even though she could obviously hear it. She yanked it away and it continued to strain against the collar and growl and yap at me, as I walked away and she dragged it into the house.

To me it seems, the little dogs get away with SOOOOOO much, simply because of their size.

I have been attacked by six dogs in my life:
-a pair of jack russel terriers attacked my dog and I multiple times. Eventually I had to kick one of them, because it had my dog by the throat (he’s a sheltie so the little rats teeth never got through the fur to the skin, but still….). After atleast four attacks on me and my dog and an attack on another neighbor and her dog, they eventually got an electric fence.

-two cairn terriers. Another neighbor used to have two cairn terriers (one died of old age, another ran away and got hit by a truck). On a walk they attacked my dog and I until the owners returned home from errands and saw their dogs attacking my dog and me in the street infront of their house.

-one dachshund, above story and other attacks

-one cardigan welsh corgi, my neighbors grandmother had a cardigan welsh corgi and brought it with her when she visited. she made me and my friend walk it, so I decided to bring my dog to. It went f***ing crazy on my dog until I got my dog away!

~in none of these attacks was my dog or I badly physically hurt. I got a nasty gash from tripping over one of the little rat things (jack russels) and ripped my jeans being attacked by the corgi.

I have never been attacked by a dog taller than knee high, I have been attacked six times by little dogs. I believe that little dogs are getting away with SOOOOO much more than big dogs ust becasue of their size. Had any of those six dogs been large breeds, even if I hadn’t been injured, they probably still would have gotten in a lot of trouble, or been put down.

Little dog owners it seems do not train their dogs as much, (or as well) simply because of size! UGH! this kills me, because I LOVE big dogs and plan to have a pit bull(riff-raff), doberman pinscher(misu) and standard poodle(Clancy). People are much more wary of big dogs, when in my opinion, little dogs are MUCH more likely to bite!

Heck most of the little dogs I know haven’t been trained to lie down on command, leave it, or come, but atleast 50% can “dance, come on dance!”

Does this ever bother you?

Oh, ust to put it out there, I recognize that not all small dogs, and small dog owners are this way, I know some nice conscientious ones to, but it does seem that most are!

real question: have you ever been attacked by a small dog?
Toy Fox Terrier- I’m sure from a small dog owner and lovers point of view, it seems mean for me to say, but from my point of view, I’ve only been attacked by little dogs, so I consider them more likely to bite.
– To Fox Terrier one hundred percent agree, BSL is bad for any breed

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Answer by ღemilyღ
I’ve never been attacked by a little dog, but I know what you mean.
I have a shih tzu, who is an angel but I know some people with small dogs and they think its funny when they bite people or growl (and I suppose it might be funny LOOKING and I know the dogs aren’t likely to do much harm), but it’s still not cool.

All dogs need to be treated the same when it comes to etiquette.
The few times my 15 lb girl has growled at a friend she gets a firm NO! and that’s the end of it.

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