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Triple-Pet Toothbrush

Triple-Pet Toothbrush

What an innovation in tooth care! With TRIPLE PET TOOTHBRUSH, cleaning teeth is now easier and takes less time. Each stroke brushes all tooth surfaces and the surrounding gums. The side brushes are at a 45 degree angle to properly clean the gum line. Like a train on a track, the brush stays in the mouth even if the pet moves its head. Padded handle for a firm grip. Three heads are better than one!

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Question by Mystery: Are the powers of “JIM the WONDER DOG” real and can you explain them?
“Jim the Wonder Dog” lived in the US during the depression, and shocked and amazed the scientific community. At first people suspected a trick with the owner, but then Jim was taken to be studied by scientists and scholars. They spoke a wide variety of different languages and even wrote instructions in various languages and Latin at one point. The dog could understand the most complex questions and respond as was needed, he could tell of objects in other places and even of events in the future. How could a dog know anything anyone present knew? What sense did this dog have? Do any other dogs have this sense? I have chosen this question as it is something that leaves me curious, this dog could even tell colors, which is not suposed to be possible for dogs ! One thing you can’t do is use a reference in Wikipedia, as there is nothing there, although there are over a million references to “Jim the Wonder Dog” in Google. But nowhere, can I find, how a dog can do such amazing things…

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Some Dog Training Aids That Can Help Train Your Dog

Some Dog Training Aids That Can Help Train Your Dog

Copyright (c) 2010 James Mahoney

Many dog owners probably think that dog training aids are out there for them to spend money and not receive any benefits from them. However training aids are there to help dog owners succeed in teaching their dogs, this could be teaching him obedience, agility or any other type of teaching you want to do. There are many aids available but only a certain few will work with any given dog and his temperament.

There are some import aspects to dog training aids when it comes to making you more successful in teaching your dog. This could be include teaching him obedience, agility or any other type of teaching you feel is necessary. While there countless dog and puppy training aids available only a certain few will work with your dog and his particular temperament.

Many people think that the among the best dog training aids are treats, which consists of small pieces of human food chopped up and given to your dog or puppy when he has done something good. These treats have always been successful puppy training aids, provided your dog has an interest in treats. This is a rather inexpensive method of a dog training aid but if you have the money to spend there are many options available for you.

Dog Training Aids For Dog Agility

When it comes to dog agility the training aids that are available are anti bark collars, this is because many dogs have a problem when they do dog agility in that they bark excessively due to all the excitement that is involved. Anti bark collars work is that they give a small electric charge when your dog barks and they can also spray some water up into their face. This really is just a harmless way to let the dog know that barking is not acceptable. You can find these collars anywhere dog training aids are found like pet shops and on online and are not very expensive.

Dog Training Aids For Dog Obedience Training

For dog training aids that are used for dog obedience training include the latest craze on the market, dog clickers. Dog clickers allow owners instead of associating sit with a word they just use a click instead and reward the dog with treats. Other dog or puppy training aids include the harness which you fit around your dog’s upper body so while you are teaching him to heel, there is a slight tug on the harness that pulls him back completely. The harness is an extensively used dog obedience training aid and is usually used for bigger more aggresive dogs such as German shepherds and Rottweilers.

Dog Training Aids To Control Chewing

There are many dog training aids that can effectively train your dog to chew on his toys not other items in your home. These can include chew and puzzle toys, and treat dispensing toys. There are also stuff-able toys for puppies in the crate.

Other Dog Training Aids

Besides the common treats discussed earlier, you can also find some basic dog training aids you may be able to find around your home and are simple and effective.

Many dog owners resort to dog training aids only when tried everything else but dog training aids don’t have to be the last thing that you will want to try out. There are so many dog training aids available today that there is no reason why you can’t invest in something that will make your dogs learning process a lot more exciting and so much better for both of you!

J. Mahoney is the owner of Dog Trainers Just feel free to visit where you will find a resource providing you with advice on all aspects of dog training, house training and dog health.

Learn More About The Symptoms And Signs Of Canine Parvovirus

Learn More About The Symptoms And Signs Of Canine Parvovirus


The canine parvovirus is a DNA virus that is single stranded and very contagious, found in canines. The first time that this virus appeared was in 1978, but it can be found in every country in the world right now. Canine parvovirus will come in two variants, intestinal and cardiac. In the form that is cardiac, the parvovirus will infect the puppies either after they’re born or while they’re still in the uterus. Very fast, the virus will attack the muscle of the heart, causing heart failure soon after that.

The other type of canine parvovirus is the intestinal one, which appears both in old dogs and puppies. This virus can be found in that area because it thrives in the intestines, as the cells are dividing rapidly there. The attacked cells from the gastrointestinal tract are destroyed and that provokes the diarrhea and the vomiting. The most dangerous part of this disease is exactly its ability to attack the heart, damaging its muscles and causing dehydration that is severe and fast. Even if the dog will live, there is a very good chance that he will have permanent intestinal or heart damage.

Symptoms and Signs

A viral disease that is extremely contagious, canine parvovirus can damage the health of a dog a lot. This disease isn’t a very old one since it was first diagnosed at the end of the 1970s. From there it just spread to every country very quickly. Now, a few decades later, the parvovirus can be found regularly in dogs and puppies. The bad part is that plenty of dogs that get this disease will not show symptoms, making it harder to be diagnosed. Most of the time however, they will show some symptoms 3-10 days before the infection kicks in. As soon as you see these symptoms, you should contact the doctor, because the canine parvovirus is very powerful and fast, death being a possible outcome.

Two of the symptoms that appear when a dog suffers from canine parvovirus are depression and lethargy. When a dog has this disease, they will be less interested in normal activities and they will sleep more. Other symptoms include dogs being more fearful and an appetite loss. Since canine parvovirus works by attacking the intestinal tract of the dog, he will also vomit and have diarrhea. In most cases, they will vomit first, and have diarrhea later, and the smell will be particularly foul. You will find either blood or mucus in the dog’s stools. This will happen more than once and in time it can bring with it dehydration. Canine parvovirus doesn’t mean a dog will have all the symptoms I mentioned so far, but in most cases they will have diarrhea and they will vomit.

Because the canine parvovirus cases internal damage and dehydration, in most cases dogs will die because of it in the first 2-3 days after symptoms show up. That’s why a veterinarian should be contacted as soon as you see the symptoms show up. It might be canine parvovirus, or it might be something less dangerous, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Want to learn more about parvo virus in dogs? On ParvoInDogs.Com you can find articles about parvo in dogs dealing with the main symptoms, prevention methods and about Parvaid, one of the most popular treatments for the dog parvo virus.

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SUI’s Anton Zucher & Witch, 1st Place Team!

Switzerland’s Anton Zucher & Border Collie, Witch, finished in 1st Place in the Combined Individual Medium Dog results! Here they are running Individual Agility Round, 2008 Agility World Championships, Finland
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Dog Obedience Classes

Dog Obedience Classes

When it comes to dog obedience training, there are many different types of methods available, and what happens with dog trainers is that they become like democrats and republicans. They become very hardcore set in their ways on how training should be done.

Basically what it boils down to is, you have trainers that use negative reinforcements that is shock collars, pinch collar and choke collars. Then you have the positive reinforcement trainers who use treats and in the middle you have the dog owner. They do not know who to listen to because both types of trainers say that their way is best.

What I will attempt to do with this article is to explain the advantages and disadvantages of both types of training, so that by the time you finish reading you will hopefully understand the best way to train your dog. The positive trainers say that using the items that the negative guys use is cruel, mean, harsh and dogs should not be trained that way because it inflicts pain on the dog.

The other guys hit back saying that, positive training does not train the dog for real world situations. They say without using some negative, the dog is not going to have consistent, reliable behaviour and obedience.

You will be glad to know that all different types of dog obedience training work, what you have to understand as a dog owner is that when you use shock collars there will be negative side effects. You can have cross associations, the dog can develop tolerance and you can suppress behaviour. When you use treats, there is usually no side effects to worry about but sometimes your timing can be off in order to get the consistent behaviour that you need.

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Question by Vladimir: Islamic Suicide Bombers: Courage, cowardice, or neither?
If you said “neither”, we agree.

Suppose I train (brainwash) a dog to do an act, based on simple punishment and reward conditioning. If I strap a bomb on this dog, and it jumps into a school bus expecting reward, afterwhich it blows up…can we call the dog courageous?

Well, you might say “thats different from a human”. Oh yea? Humans cant be conditioned with the exact same principles? Ever take psychology?

“Well they know what they are doing”.

Oh yea? Every study done on these Jihadists shows that they GENUINELY believe they will have their virgin-orgy reward and that they will feel NO PAIN after they push the button. These are not catholic-like Muslims, they believe their religion, that they were programmed with since birth, totally and completely without reservation. This is the highest form of brainwashing and I guarentee you cant give me a better example of brainwashing…this is possible today, ONLY IN ISLAM.

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Answer by christn 35 res

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