Question by Mystery: Are the powers of “JIM the WONDER DOG” real and can you explain them?
“Jim the Wonder Dog” lived in the US during the depression, and shocked and amazed the scientific community. At first people suspected a trick with the owner, but then Jim was taken to be studied by scientists and scholars. They spoke a wide variety of different languages and even wrote instructions in various languages and Latin at one point. The dog could understand the most complex questions and respond as was needed, he could tell of objects in other places and even of events in the future. How could a dog know anything anyone present knew? What sense did this dog have? Do any other dogs have this sense? I have chosen this question as it is something that leaves me curious, this dog could even tell colors, which is not suposed to be possible for dogs ! One thing you can’t do is use a reference in Wikipedia, as there is nothing there, although there are over a million references to “Jim the Wonder Dog” in Google. But nowhere, can I find, how a dog can do such amazing things…

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